Have you visited sites and after a while wondered what the 'theme' of the site is? Well, I have, so this reminded me to write my own 'About this site' page.
You may have found the 'Info about me' page, located here.

This site is my home on the net. It offers things I find relevant for my personal usage. it's my own portal, tailored to meet my needs. For one, it's a portal to my other sites. But it's also more than that.
I have certain knowledge in some areas, and I'd like to contribute to the internet community by sharing this knowledge with others.

The site reflects my interests, so it's most useful to people that have the same or any of my interests.

What you will find:
  • You can find my book here, link will take you to its dedicated site.
  • You can check out my photo gallery with 100s of photos in various categories.
  • Link to my retro-computing site
  • There is some interesting info about Computer graphics - Galleries, lectures and historical documents.
  • Links to my social sites
  • Minor crap like an online calendar. Very convenient.

  • In the archives, you can also find:
  • Fairly useful Links portal - like they made them in the 90s ;-)
  • Various guides, for example a PC buyers guide.
  • Computer games - a free game available for download, and a 'Frontier' fan site.
  • Astronomy - a small but useful astronomy guide
  • Information about me :-)

That's it for now, bookmark www.danielsevo.com if you wanna come back and have a nice stay!

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