Tech Week In Review
2000.08.28 - 2000.09.03
A summary of the past weeks technology news. Updated every sunday.

Microsoft celebrates 25:th anniversary.

Microsoft to produce own microprocessor for set-top boxes... (IN SWEDISH)

Intel plans for AGP 8x and beyond...

Intel wants to redesign RAMBUS memory to make production cheaper...

CPU Roundup
Intel "defends" the Pentium 4 architecture...
Intel recalls 1.13GHz Pentium III
AMD ships 1.1 GHz Athlon
Motorolas PowerPC G4 Plus finally breaks 1GHz barrier, but... yields are disastrous!
Low availability means higher prices, right? Think again, Intel slashes prices on their 1 GHz parts despite very low availability.
Celeron with 100MHz FSB around the corner?
Pentium 4 (incl.motherboards) will require a new ATX casing.
Pentium 4 benchmarks posted.

Software Roundup
Adobe ships Photoshop 6.0 (IN SWEDISH)
Office 97, Office 2000 and now Office 10 ?! Microsoft releases beta...

Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM soon widely available? (IN SWEDISH)

Is this something humanity will regret later? Computer makes robot offspring!

One-man company DE Technologies claims patent for global e-commerce! (IN SWEDISH)