Tech Week In Review
2000.09.11 - 2000.09.17
A summary of the past weeks technology news. Updated every sunday.

Startup claims digital photo breakthrough...

3DFX ships Voodoo 4

Could RAMBUS cripple US PC market?

Sony uses it's Playstation 2 technology to build a graphics supercomputer.

Another breakthrough in super-conductivity, but we still have along way to go...

Sony boosts PlayStation 2 DVD playback

High quality screens in your glasses, real soon...

Mind-Reading Technology for Hands-Free Computing

CPU Roundup
Athlon gets a performance boost, with AMDs DDR chipset "760". Performance preview.
VIAs "Samuel 2" X86 CPU, first silicon ships
AMD CPUs to get multiprocessing support with the AMD760MP chipset, sampling in december.

Software Roundup
Apple ships public beta of Mac OS X
Microsoft officially releases Windows Me