Tech Week In Review
2000.09.25 - 2000.10.01
A summary of the past weeks technology news. Updated every sunday.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen leaves Microsoft. (IN SWEDISH)

Fuel cells to power notebooks and mobile phones?

Swedish operator Glocalnet slashes phone-call prices. (IN SWEDISH)

nVidia to enter PC chip-set market using it's X-box technology.

Rambus continues it's "We're suing everyone" policy. Takes aim at AMD and Transmeta.

True 3D screens for the PC.

Sony unable to deliver the promised 1 million PlayStation 2 units to USA by October 26:th.
...or are DVD copyright issues to blame?

NEC & Hitachi join forces to produce 0.13 micron DRAM.

CPU Roundup
Motorola finally debuts it's "G4 Plus" processor.
Intel's McKinley out before it's predecessor Itanium?
Pentium 4 delayed for a month due to chip-set problems.
Intel's system-on-a-chip, Timna, officially declared dead.
Transmeta makes bold statement. Claims 5 year technology lead over Intel.
AMD continues to win over PC builders throughout Europe.
Sun announces upgrades to UltraSparc CPUs

Software Roundup
Another Internet Explorer security hole detected.
Microsoft releases it's heavy duty version of Windows. "Windows 2000 Datacenter".