Tech Week In Review
2000.10.02 - 2000.10.08
A summary of the past weeks technology news. Updated every sunday.

General IT
Maxtor becomes worlds biggest HD company after buying Quantum.

Napster apparently has around 30 million users.

Philips aims to be first to use 0.10 micron technology

Philips introduces first reusable architecture chip for video

Infineon strikes back. Claims Rambus' SDRAM, DRDRAM technology infringes its patents.

eShades replace monitors?

CPU Roundup
Intel lowers P4 prices, before it's been released.
Intel has P4 production difficulties in Israel?
Intel to break it's deal with RAMBUS, releasing it's own DDR chipset?
AMD intends to ship 1.2 GHz Athlons this month.

Software Roundup
Covert Napster clone to arrive this year.