Tech Week In Review
2000.10.09 - 2000.10.15
A summary of the past weeks technology news. Updated every sunday.

General IT
Three IT pioneers share nobel prize.
Breakthrough in storage media? Romanian scientist plans 10 Tbyte "hyper-CD ROM".
Sony's Transmeta-based computers debut in Japan.
UPDATE: IBM plans 300-mm fab for 0.10 micron copper chips in N.Y.
German company reveals a "128-processor-cores-on-a-chip", parallel computer capable of 51 BIPS.
Sony, Philips introduce new "Super Audio CD". But will it succeed?
Recording industry to define digital music ID system.
Researchers at Keele University in UK to license technology that may deliver 8-fold increase in data processing speeds.
Swedish team crack 512 bit encryption algorithm
Micron shocks the industry with it's new "Mamba" chipset!

CPU Roundup
Intel aims to deliver 1-GHz mobile MPU in 1H 2001.
    Intel explain how they are going to get there..
Via declares PC processor strategy for the value segment.
AMD expects to be sold out of Athlons and flash memory in 4Q 2000.
Motorola's "Apollo G4" hits 1GHz.
AMD unveils multi-processor chipset for the Athlon range.
Intel to ship 1.4 GHz P4 before re-introducing the 1.13 GHz PIII

Software Roundup
Linux leader say different Linux versions will converge into one.
Sun's Star Office goes "open source".