Tech Week In Review
2000.10.23 - 2000.10.29
A summary of the past weeks technology news. Updated every sunday.

General IT
Microsofts internal network hacked by Russian hackers!
Playstation 2 ships in the USA.
Boxman, the e-retailer is liquidated.
Swedish company Ilevo promises 1Gbit/s for home users within 18 months. (S)
The Amiga is back.... again...
Optobionics offers artificial retina implants to blind people.
Matsushita-Kotobuki boost floppy capacity to 32Mb.
Joe Jacobson reveals the microprocessor fab of the future. A desktop printer!

CPU Roundup
AMD announces new 133/266 frontbus Athlons following it's 760 chip-set
Intel to bundle Rambus DRAM with Pentium 4.
Intel aims at 2GHz for Q2 2001.
Intel management and engineers battle over Rambus DRAM
Intel debuts new 815EM mobile chip-set
Acer Laboratories Inc. is developing a RISC processor & software that will run PlayStation games on DVD players.

Software Roundup
Microsofts .net strategy explained?
JAVA is moving towards full open source, according to Sun.
Is "Groove" the new Napster?