Tech Week In Review
2000.10.30 - 2000.11.05
A summary of the past weeks technology news. Updated every sunday.

General IT
Napster signs deal with BMG.
IBM drops support for Transmeta in it's lap-top range.
Game console maker SEGA might drop hardware development.
Former graphics giant S3 changes company name & policy. acquires file-swapping company Scour. (Scour Exchange)
Samsung surrenders to Rambus. Agrees to pay licence fees
TDK to introduce 2Gb CD-RW. (S)
Dutch hacker breaks into Microsoft server just to prove a point.
First International Space Station gets it's crew.

CPU Roundup
Intel dropping most of it's RAMBUS DRAM support in 2001.
Intel confirms DDR SDRAM support for Pentium 4.
IBM still dominates the world of super computers.
nVidia to support AMD DDR platform.
Mac users speculate about a switch to x86.

Software Roundup
New "worm-virus" updates itself via the Internet.
Microsoft's "Minesweeper" game inspires mathematicians to solve an old mathematical problem.
Microsoft releases first test version of "Whistler". (next Windows)