Tech Week In Review
2000.11.06 - 2000.11.12
A summary of the past weeks technology news. Updated every sunday.

General IT
Popular search engine "Alta Vista" signs controversial deal with porn company.
IBM show screen capable of showing 200 pixels/inch.
Gartner group declared RAMBUS memory "pretty much dead".
SGI commits to Linux & Itanium.
DRAM prices keep falling.
Intel announces 0.13-micron copper technology.
Flash memory cards soon to hold full-length video.
Bill Joy, SUN co-founder, expresses concern about the dangers associated with the rapid progress of technology.
3 Taiwanese memory makers quit producing RAMBUS DRAM.
Quantum computing steps forward at IEDM (International Electron Devices Meeting).

CPU Roundup
AMD goes 64-bit in 2001, updates roadmap.
Transmeta helps AMD to emulate "Sledgehammer"code on Windows.
Intel's Almador chip-set to support new "Coppermine-T" Pentium III.
Transmeta wins new contracts.

Software Roundup
Microsoft's Direct X 8.0 ready to ship.
Microsoft's OS strategy explained.
A review of the first "Whistler" beta release.
Linux 2.4 will ship in december (2000), says Linus Torvalds.
Microsoft ships early Internet Explorer 6 beta to developers. (S)