2005.05.30 - 2005.06.05   |   A summary of the past weeks main technology & science news. Updated every Sunday.
General IT (General, Business, Financial, Misc)
Sun makes $4bn bid for StorageTek.
Indian outsourcing worth over $20bn in 2006?
EU to wait til July before deciding about M$.
Scandinavian file-sharers brace for 'war'?
Sharp to ship 65" LCD TV.

Science Roundup (Science & Astronomy)
Deep Impact on course despite blurry camera.
Andromeda galaxy bigger than we thought.
NASA gets Mars lander 'Phoenix' go-ahead.
Quantum crypto advancements made by NEC.
Earth bacteria coul 'pollute' Mars?
Russia replies to USA's space weapons plans.
Mars rover Spirit clears sandtrap.
Semiconductor Roundup (CPUs, Chip-sets, Memory)
AMD launched its X2 chips at Computex.
nVidia G70 release near?
Intel updates Celeron line with 64-bit EMT.
Intel shows 65nm dual core Xeons.
VIA announces C7-M mobile CPU.
Apple X86 rumor persists.
Dual core to drive PC sales?
nVidia already working on SLI 2?
XGI shows off 3 new graphics chips.

Software Roundup (General SW, Security, Virus-alerts)
Skype gets video call extension.
M$ makes XML the file-standard for Office.
Top Level Domains to gett .xxx addition?
Hacker controlled 'botnet'- warning issued.
Trojan masquerades as fake pics.