2005.10.10 - 2005.10.16   |   A summary of the past weeks main technology & science news. Updated every Sunday.
General IT (General, Business, Financial, Misc)
No region codes for HD DVD?
Apple launches video iPod and more.
Sony's PSP to get HD add-on.
Internet management issue still not settled.
Real settles with Microsoft for $761M.
Sony Ericsson unveil P990 3G smartphone.
Nokia launches new "biz" phones.
AMD posts increased revenues, profit.
Samsung promises better LCD screens.
Seagate releases 500GB HDD.
Palm releases new PDAs.

Software Roundup (General SW, Security, Virus-alerts)
M$ & Yahoo1 to make IMs compatible.
Latest Windows updates released.
IBM donates RUP to Open Source.
M$ downplays Google/Sun threat.
Semiconductor Roundup (CPUs, Chip-sets, Memory)
Intel's latest desktop roadmaps.
Intel's notebook roadmaps.
AEGIA physics board to hit retail in December?
Samsung ready to produce DDR2 @ 70nm.

Science Roundup (Science & Astronomy)
Nanotube-memory out as soon as next year?
China launched 2 more astronauts into orbit.
Stanford University wins DARPA challenge.
Japans supersonic jet test successful.
NASA seeks help from the "public".
Space tourist, ISS crew return to Earth.