2005.10.31 - 2005.11.06   |   A summary of the past weeks main technology & science news. Updated every Sunday.
General IT (General, Business, Financial, Misc)
Telenor buys Vodafone's Swedish operations.
Nokia shows off the N92 "TV phone".
Deutsche Telecom may cut 32,000 jobs.
Nokia officially unhappy with N-Gage sales?
Sun posts (smaller) loss for 3Q.
SGI drops out of stock exchange.
Samsung starts digital music store.
HD DVD content gets "watermarked"?

Software Roundup (General SW, Security, Virus-alerts)
Microsoft "completes" .NET.
Sony's CD copy restrictions slammed.
Apple sells 1M videos in 3 weeks.
Linux kernel 2.6.14 released.
Opera signs airplane browser deal.
October sees increse in virus outbreaks.
Sony brings music jukebox prog to PSP.
Browser market share statistics.
Game hackers use Sony's DRM "rootkit".
Google opens up digital library.
M$ to mimic Google's digital library?
Semiconductor Roundup (CPUs, Chip-sets, Memory)
nVidia to release "Ultra" version of 7800GTX.
Sun readies 4,6,8-core "Niagara" CPU.
Intel pushes out "Paxville" Xeons.
nVidia readies mainstream verson of GF7800.
World chip sales increase in 3Q.
nVidia reclaims desktop graphics lead.
AMD, IBM extend chip partnership to 22nm.
S3 graphics in deal with Fujitsu, Transmeta.
Intel kicks another 65nm fab into action.

Science Roundup (Science & Astronomy)
2 new moons around Pluto possibly detected.
Blue Gene supercomputer tops 280TFLOPS!
Measurements redefine "local" black hole.
Venus Express gets November 9 launch date.
Japanese spacecraft ready to land on asteroid.
Astronomers find companion to "super star".
NASA keeps an eye at asteroid 99942 Apophis.