2005.12.12 - 2005.12.18   |   A summary of the past weeks main technology & science news. Updated every Sunday.
General IT (General, Business, Financial, Misc)
Google pays $1bn for AOL deal.
M$ denies HD DVD Xbox360 claims. (We'll see..)
Xbox360 not selling well in Japan.
Vodafone buys Turkish mobile operator.
MTV plans digital music download service.
TDK shows "certridge free" BlueRay(R) discs.

Science Roundup (Science & Astronomy)
New Horizons probe delayed for a week.
Hubble "sees" dark matter.
Asteroid probe's return delayed 3 years.
Lessons learned from the Hayabusa mission.
Plastic bendable CPU created in Japan.
Semiconductor Roundup (CPUs, Chip-sets, Memory)
Intel to launch Viiv, Centrino3 on Jan 6-9?
AMD's new Socket to be called Soecket AM2.
nVidia buys chipset maker ULI.
Samsung puts 8GB on single DIMM.
Philips launches digital TV mobile chipset.
Intel announces CSI will beat Hypertransport.
Intel wins BMW deal.

Software Roundup (General SW, Security, Virus-alerts)
Hackers decode Xbox360 file system.
Self-destructing SMS service unveiled.
Hackers bring down Russian TV station.
M$ releases security updates for IE.
Adobe to adopt monthly patching routines.