2006.06.19 - 2006.06.25   |   A summary of the past weeks main technology & science news. Updated every weekend.
General IT (General, Business, Financial, Misc)
Nokia, Siemens merge phone network biz.
US Gov behind the Pirate Bay shut down?
1/3 of Europeans lack basic computer skills.
Mitsubishi to release DL HD DVD-R media.
EC wants to dump "copyright levies".
HDMI specs updated (1.3).

Science Roundup (Science & Astronomy)
ESA, Russia cooperate on spaceship design?
Space telescope to test mini-black hole theory.
IBM runs silicon chip at 500GHz.
China plans manned Lunar mission for 2024.
US Army to deply safe(?)robot army.
Semiconductor Roundup (CPUs, Chip-sets, Memory)
65W dual core Athlons on sale.
ATI signs up UMC for 80nm chips.
Socket AM2 already supports "reverse HT"?
Big price cuts on CPUs expected in July.
AMD's Next-gen architecture to arrive in 2008.
ATI's 80nm chip plans leaked.
Socket F Opterons get new names.
Next ATI IGP chipset to support DX10, SM4.0?
ATI's next-gen R600 still on schedule?

Software Roundup (General SW, Security, Virus-alerts)
Web-browser Opera 9.0 released.
Yahoo!, M$ launch updated "messengers".
M$ wakes up late, scrambles "physics team"?