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December 31, 1996
Happy New Year! (to all of you who celebrate it)
I have further modified the new index page...
December 27, 1996
I have now added a new index page that contains no frames and doesn't require any special resolutions. This new index page 'explains' the recommended software and screen resolutions...
December 23, 1996
I have added a link to a site in Sweden called 'Passagen'. They also offer free sites and lot's of other interesting stuff... I am a member there and I intend to set up another site there. It will be a site that's more 'low-end-friendly' i.e. no frames and readable in 640*480...
December 20, 1996
Now I have added tiled backdrop on all pages so now I REALLY DON'T recommend viewing this site in less than 'High-color'... Use 256 color modes at your peril...
December 17, 1996
Lately, I have TRIED to make the page a bit more '256-color friendly'. Also I have added some interesting links (check out links/other). The overview page will also soon be updated, finally with some useful stuff.

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