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Since the links on this page are old (1999), the may or may not work properly. They are no longer maintained.

December 30, 1999
The finished version of 'History of computer graphics' is now available on the contents page. Besides covering the rest of the 90's I also wrote an article about the future of computer graphics.
I doubt that I will update my site tomorrow, so I say this now:


December 29, 1999
Wow, who would have thought... I surprised myself there.. Can you believe it? A new pic in the gallery. I had a couple of hours to kill yesterday, so I thought I'd throw something together. Nothing spectacular, but then again it didn't take too long to do it. (3DS MAX)
There's a new temporary logo on the index page. I also added 'Image info' to the pics in the gallery. (Tells which program was used, platform and year of creation)
Tomorrow I will upload my addendum to the 'History of computer graphics' documents.

December 27, 1999
Phew... I made a swedish version of my online calendar... The text is still in english, but now the year is also divided in weeks, the weeks start with mondays and the official swedish holidays are marked out.
Also added 1 new link (humour)...
Keep checking my HP regularly this week as I'm on vacation and finally have some spare time to work with it... There should be at least 2 major additions before the end of the week (and year, and decade, century, millenium)

December 13, 1999
Some major changes and additions this time!
Apart from the usual addition of several new links, I also redesigned the Contents page. It now has a more unified look, simpler and hopefully better..
The addition I mentioned is a new Calendar page. I've often found myself looking for a calendar on the net, so I thought I might just as well make my own. (The 'screenshots' are borrowed from Microsoft Outlook 2000)

December 08, 1999
Some new links again... (Hardware section) I can also inform you that the transition to the new servers is complete... I now have 20Mb web-space! Feels good... That will certainly allow for future expansions of this site...
However, I did notice some difficulties with the counter on the index page. I hope it's just some temporary glitch...

December 02, 1999
Some new links (Computer/Hardware) and some dead ones removed...

November 29, 1999
As I announced yesterday, I will 'reveal' what I intend to do here on my site in december. In the last week of december (between X-mas and NewYear) I will 'publish' my addendum to the 'History of computer graphics' documents. Those only cover the 90's to 1995. I intend to fill that gap (1995-1999) and what better date to do it than the very last week of 1999? To be absolutely sure that I have the time to fix this, I will take a vacation that week. I will also add a 'Beyond 2000' doc where I speculate about the near future of computing in general and computer graphics in particular...
Furthermore, I have a parody on StarTrek Voyager that I have been writing on and off for some time... Hopefully that will also be finished sometime in december.. More on that later..

November 28, 1999
I just found out that the good folks at Passagen (those who provide space for my homepage) are going to increase the webspace from 5Mb to 20 Mb for all their members.
This is certainly good news, however this also means that the homepages will be 'down' for a couple of days as they upgrade the servers.
This homepage will be unavailable between 1999-12-05 and 1999-12-07 (YYYY/MM/DD).
Early tomorrow, I will declare my plans for upcoming updates in december.

November 15, 1999
Quite big update of the portal... Lot's of links added (17), some removed (3), but mostly they´ve been rearranged in alphabetical order...
You will notice that on some pages there is a 'Yahoo' link at the bottom of the page. I have inserted those links in areas where my links aren't too extensive...
No need to re-invent the wheel here... Yahoo have LOT'S of links in every category....

November 7, 1999
8 new links (3 in the Computer/Hardware section, 5 in the Software section))
Some alphabetical rearrangements were done also...

November 4, 1999
3 new links (motherboards-section etc.)

November 2, 1999
Some cosmetic touch-up on the link pages, also 8 new links (3 sections, 1 new)
The new section is on the Computer/Hardware page... I put 4 'Motherboard' links there...

October 31, 1999
After asking the authors permission, I have now integrated the 'History Of Computer Graphics' documents into my HP (contents).
(see the 28:th october news)
The documentation covers the history to around 1995. Since so much has happened the last years, it is my intention write 'the rest' myself. Keep watching this space for updates :)

October 28, 1999
An addition to the 'Contents Page'. I's only a link, but a damn good one... :) (History of Computer Graphics)
Also, some new links, including direct links to driver downloads for most graphics cards on the market...

October 27, 1999
Hello there... I happened to notice that the info about me, wasn't completely up to date, so I updated it...

October 24, 1999
Lot's of changes in the links-section... Removed dead links, added quite a few new ones in several categories...
Note that there is a new Mobile Phones section under 'Media'...

September 14, 1999
September 14:th... Today is exactly one year ago since I posted my (by now famous(?)) 'By the Water 2' picture...
Not much has happened since... :(
On the 9:th of September (99.09.09) I sold my old 060 card (Amiga accelerator) for a couple of bucks so now, new Imagine projects are unlikely... I use 3DStudio Max at my work nowadays and the power is just not comparable...
I can reveal though... that I have started making plans for a new project... the name?
'By the water 3!' I have no idea when I will have time to do it, but do have a vision of wat it will look like and if I somehow find some time I will start work on it... Don't hold your breath though... You will most probably not see any of that this year.. But let's just say that it will be a scene of VERY HIGH complexity... Nothing under 1 million polygons.

Well, well... we'll se when it happenes, for now though... thanx for visiting and behold this one new link:
Daves Video Game Classics

August 29, 1999
There... It feels much better to update more often...
Only one new link, but a very interesting one... If you are interested in UFO:s and stuff like that, this site is for you: http://wkweb5.cableinet.co.uk/dledger/video.htm. It contains downloadable movies of UFO sightings.
(This link is also under 'links/science')

August 25, 1999
Holy crap! I can't blame people for not visiting my site anymore...
Too bad it's not likely to get any better within the nearest future... I'm just too damn busy to come up with something new. Some new links is all I can manage right now...
     There are still some things I've been meaning to add for years but they just never seem to happen.
Don't hold your breath (or you'd be dead pretty soon :) but as they say... I'll se what I can do...

June 22, 1999
Hmm... Good thing I got my update frequency in May before it dropped below zero in June.
Unfortunately not a major update... Two new cyberpals were added and one new link to a cool music site.

May 13, 1999
The portal is still growing. A number of new categories were added along with several (approx. 20) new links.

May 9, 1999
Another oldie was replaced today... It was actually the main logo on the main page saying my name.
Check out the new one and let me know if you like it better... (you should! ;)

May 6, 1999
Some 10 new links + 1 new category (mostly on the comp/software page.)

May 4, 1999
Some links added... Among others the link to the International PGP page. I recommend people to download and install PGP to enable encrypted e-mail. (For those of you who don't know... It's very easy for 'outside' people to intercept and read your mail)
I also added my own object into the meta-stream window on my meta-stream test page...
You will have to download the latest plug-in to see it though... (approx 600k)

May 3, 1999
As expected, additional changes were made to the portal. (Some re-arrangements and some additions)
Hmm.. I removed the BLINK tag from the left frame after being in service for years... (Netscape only)
The modified menu in the 'portal' uses the BLINK tag to indicate 'parent menu' and I find it useful, but when there was blinking text in both frames I decided to remove the least important...

May 2, 1999
I further modified the links page/portal. Some major structural changes were made along with the addition of new links. It should now be easier to navigate. The development is by no means concluded, further evolvement is to be expected.
The index page has been optimized, so that it contains basically 'zero graphics' and should therefore load very quickliy.

April 30, 1999
There... All the links are now verified (I hope). Another new sub-category was added, Resources/Game Companies. All the biggest and most popular companies should be there (some 30 links in all!)... (If I missed a big one, please mail me)
A number of other links were added too...
I also added a 'Site Search' feature. You will find this on the links/search page. (Thanx to Casper for the tip)
It's looking more and more like a portal...

April 29, 1999
Ironic isn't it? Due to some sudden problems with the internet connection, I couldn't verify all my links. Nevertheless, I added a new category called '3D accelerators' to my computer/hardware link. It contains the links to the makers of the 7 hottest 3D GFX accelerators on the market.
Some other links were added too...

April 28, 1999
Today, I checked most of the links on my site and removed the 'dead' ones. (I will check the rest tomorrow, and also add some new links, I'll probably even re-make some of the structure on my link pages.)

April 12, 1999
Ouch! I'm loosing it... My update frequency, that is... Obviously no new pic was added as I hoped, then again, who really thought it would happen? ;)
In March I visited GDC in SanJosé (representing MindArk, the company I work for). Apart from being educational it was also very inspiring to see all the work from the worlds best gfx artists.. So now I have the inspiration to do some cool stuff, unfortunately though, I don't have the time.
I'll say what is probably expected from me at this point: 'I'll try to finish my pic as soon as time allows'. There, a diplomatic answer if there ever was one.. Until the next update, have a nice day ;)

March 1, 1999
Some minor stuff... A couple of new links in the computer area. And one or two new links in the search area. (You might wanna try a search engine called SavvySearch. They offer categorized search. e.g. 'MP3 or 'Sports' (and lot's of other categories).

Also, an announcement! I'm working on a new pic. It's NOT in any way as advanced as BTW2, but... I see it like this: A new pic is a new pic. Better than no new stuff at all. The quality has to be above average or I will not release it. So even though it will not match BTW2 in complexity at all, it will not be a piece of crap either. The purpose of this is to raise the overall quality in the gallery. Some of the pics in there are really starting to show their age. (Contrary to wine, computer generated pics do not age well ;)
Depending on how much time I might find in my busy schedule, it could take a while, but I'm hoping that it will be ready before the end of the month. The rendering time is not an issue this time, since I will render it on a much faster computer.

February 11, 1999
Ai Caramba! Time really flies!
I felt I had to do something.. An interesting post processing session on "btw2" resulted in a pretty cool looking pic. You'll find it in the gallery.
I changed some other minor stuff, like a couple of e-mails and some links...

January 17, 1999
Today I did something a bit more unusual. I updated the about me page with new pics! Yep, I've been feeling a bit 'old' lately so I thought I'd illustrate that with a pic.

January 10, 1999
A couple of links added, and some link-paths changed.
I also removed one of the old pics from the gallery and replaced it with one of the "spin-off pics" I had laying around. It was previously reachable from the special gallery that my latest pic had until recently...

January 06, 1999 So, here we go again... It's time again to review 1998.
Thre were 35 updates to my HP last year. 1997 had 37 updates, so I suppose that is the number you'd expect this year as well.
The year had it's up & downs. Perhas the most noticable thing was the lack of updates in the gallery. A major HD crash in March destroyed more or less all of my project that I was working on. (I've learnd my lesson about back-up since then) This had an unfortunate impact on availability of new pics. I was also working long days for most of the year, and that didn't thelp things either.
On july 13:th (I was free from work during the summer) perhaps the highlight of the year was initiated. (As far as my HP is concerned, anyway) I announced the making of a new, epic image. I announced that it would be by far the most advanced pic I've ever done. At that point I had set the deadline on August 1:st.
Of course, lot's of thing came in the way and I missed that, and 2 more deadlines. (The main obstacle was the lack of RAM in my computer at the time)
Finally, on september 14:th it was time... At that point the hype was pretty high and durind the day and the day after I received over a 100 hits on my HP. (Not bad for the average "Joe Homepage")
I decided to post my latest pic to a couple of on-line gallery out on the net. On september 23:rd, Impulse, the makers of the 3D program I used to create the pic, put my pic in their gallery.
On October 21:st, I got a mail from the good folks at 3D Café. They told me they accepted my pic and it was awarded with a Platinum Award.
After that the number of updates decreased rapidly. On october 28:th I put up a test page for a pretty cool new technology called MetaStream.

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