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December 29, 2008
Another year comes to an end. I'll write my usual yearly summary on Jan.1st 2009. Today however, I added a new sub-category to my photo gallery. It's called "Pets" and contains shots of (mostly) lovely dogs. Check it out here.

November 17, 2008
Minor update, removed a and added a few links. My old fav. computer dealer just filed for bankrupcy, so no more shopping there. I guess the financial crisis is reaching Joe Average in new ways every day.
On a positive note, I think I speak for a lot of people if I say I was very relieved to see Obama become the next president of the USA. Exciting times are ahead.

For those who keep an eye on my new gallery, I can reveal that updates come pretty much every week, even if I don't announce it here. I kind of figured, people wont check here first anyway. :p
I've now also redirected my old domain http://www.half-pixel.com to point directly at the galley.

November 1, 2008
Added another sub-catrgory to my photo album. This time it's a macro gallery. Although I already have a bunch of macro photos taken with my old-ish Canon Ixus (not shown in any gallery (yet)), this gallery contains shots taken with my recently purchased Canon EF 100/2.8 macro lens. Check it out in the gallery.
I also added some new links, btw..

September 19, 2008
I've continued to add photos to my gallery and currently it holds more than 50 items.
For the first time in quite some time I also added a bunch of new links. I'm not gonna list them here, because no one cares ;-), but just in case you wonder, unsurprisingly there is a new sub-category named "Photography".
Now to something different. Some 5 days ago I had my 10th anniversary of the creation of *that* image in my old gallery. (Go to Computer Graphics / Gallery, 1998). A year ago or so I actually considered doing a 10th anniversary remake, but it never happened. A suepr detailed real-time 15th anniversary version maybe. Better get starting! ;-)

August 31, 2008
Added a new sub-gallery (including some new pics ;-). Check it out. Also, I added a more easily visible link to the Photo Gallery on the main page.

August 28, 2008
Updated the hardware info on the about me page. This usually means I got some new hardware, and it's true this time too. I finally replaced my trusty old CRT monitor with a 24" Dell Ultrasharp. I also threw in another harddrive which mean the total storage capacity in my comp exceeds 3TB ;-)

August 26, 2008
I've kept adding more and more photos (still only animals) to my Photo Gallery. This is the part of my website where all the activity is atm.

August 20, 2008
Finally got my new gallery up and running. It's a php open source gallery and it's now installed on my webspace so to visit just click the link in the left menu... or click here.
For now, it's just a sample gallery of animals I've photogaphed, but in time, it will grow and contain lot's of photos. (Believe me, I got plenty :)

August 14, 2008
My site is now working properly at www.danielsevo.com (native adress, no more URL forwarding).
For the first time in... I don't know how many years... I added some new content. Yep, it's the photo gallery I mentioned in the previous update. You can easily find it in the main menu to the left.
At this point, it's just a test galley. I really want to use a smarter solution that typing the HTML by hand. (It's not 1998 anymore :-) Anyway, for now, it uses the same style as my ancient computer gfx gallery, but I'll look into some more modern solution. Meanwhile, enjoy the early samples ;-)

August 12, 2008
Back from my vacation, man those 5 weeks just flew by. Spent most of my vacation in the USA with my girlfriend, visiting family and doing "tourist stuff" :p
Anyway, even though I barely update this page anymore I still decided it was time to move it to a proper web-hotel. Hopefully, there will be no noticable problems with the migration. Since 1996, my page was hosted by Passagen.se free of charge. Obviously the new hotel costs money but at least I get 5GB webspace (vs 20MB) and no banners.
The extra space will allow me to add stuff like photo galleries, but also future CV stuff and so on. The next update is most probably going to be an addition of a photo gallery. I know there are lots of "free" galleries out there, but if you read some of those "user agreements" you'll notice they do nasty stuff to your copyright.

February 26, 2008
Updated the about me page since I bought some new hardware. Now my storage space in my primary computer exceeds 2TB! I also bought a new mouse since my old Mx500 was getting worn out.
Also: added som new links. And yes, I'm aware that some of my sections need updates badly.. Let's see if I can do something about it before the year 2010 :-)

January 15, 2008
Just sorted out some bad links. These things don't always age well.. :p

January 4, 2008
Some habits die hard. Even though my updating came to a screeching halt about a year ago, I can't just ignore my old NewYears day web-log even though this one is a couple of days late. So the calendar says 2008 now. Is it just me or does time pass quicker these days? ;-)
A certain sign of techie things getting old is when they've been around for periods of time that can be measured in decades :-) This is the 12th year running for this particular website. Lately, my priorities have lied elsewhere so my website seems half-dead by any standard although, the fact is - even though updates are scarce - I use it every day as my personal link portal.

I didn't maintain my tech-news service during 2007 so I'll skip the summary of significant events. On a personal note, the most significant thing that happened is that I, after 12,5 years in the same apartment, moved to a bigger apartment downtown with my girlfriend/ "common-law spouse".
In mid-December I also upgraded my computer to make it Crysis-capable ;-). New MainBoard, CPU + cooler, Memory, Graphics Card and Power Supply. I never buy pre-built computers but as far as upgrades go, this is pretty much a new computer (meaning I payed 900 to play Crysis :-). As always the specs of my computer can be found on this page.

Since I update so seldom, I try to pack in as much stuff I can the times I *do* update. More specifically, I made some changes in the links-section. Also, there will be a minor update to my book this weekend (if all goes according to plan). It's mostly an update that eliminates some annoying spelling mistakes. Didn't think it would take me 2 years to fix it, but there you go... ;-)
Until next time... Now, go and enjoy the all new 2008 ;-)

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