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September 20, 2009
You might have noticed that all photo gallery updates are now being reported through Twitter. It's really a lot simpler than updating the web page the "old way". Today however, I have a few more updates. Some changes in the link pages and then I also rearranged some stuff in the photo gallery. I merged the Raynox and the standard Macro albums because there wasn't really any point in keeping them separate anymore. Also removed a TEST album that's just not going to happen.

August 25, 2009
Ok, time for a manual HTML update ;-) The Twitter thing on my main page (embedded code that automatically displays latest Twitter updates) has been working well.. It's nice to be able to be able to "update" from your mobile phone (There are plenty of Twitter widgets for my Android phone).
However, some thing still need to be done manually (at least for now anywy). I added a bunch of new links with focus on streaming music and movies ("Media-links page". After Spotifys sucess more companies are starting to take the streaming content business seriously.

In unrelated news, Mindark (the company I used to work for in the old days) released their Entropia Universe remake (using the state of the art Crysis 3d engine). I wish I could say it was a positive experience but in fact I didn't event make it past the first screens before getting a BSOD (BlueScreen crash) and it happened a couple more times before I gave up. I'm sure they'll sort things out in the end though... (I know the poor lads are woriking hard to find a solution...)
Finally, as you might have seen in the Twitter feed, I added a bunch of new pix to my Photo Gallery. Enjoy ;-)

July 13, 2009
Ah yes, vacation at last!
I thought I might join the Twitter -era with a page that informs you about updates in my photo gallery (since that is pretty much the only thing that gets uptadet these days anyway.
You'll find the "Follow me on Twitter" link right on the front page so give it a try.
So what else has happened since my last update here? Well, I live in a new apartment, I've aged ;-) and I also bought a toy which I've already talked about in the Photo Gallery (Its the Raynox Super Macro converter, check out the category in the gallery).

April 12, 2009
I don't always announce here if and when I update my photo galley, but yesterday and today I added a total of 15 new pix so I thought I might go ahead and say it.
It was pretty much the first time I shot "free-hand" with my macro lens. Until now, I've always used a tripod. Well, check the results here. (The freehand macro-shot would be the ones in the "Pets" gallery.)

March 29, 2009
Another small update. Cleaned out the dead links on the Computer Hardware-links page and added a bunch of new ones.

March 25, 2009
Hey, spring is here already!
Minor update to the about me page and the mobile phone link page.

March 6, 2009
Added a few links. One of them is the much hyped Twitter. "What is it?" You might ask if you haven't bothered to check it out. Well, in a few words its "microblogging" - a way to tell other people what youre doing. Revolutionary? Erm... Isn't that more or less what I've been doing on this site since 1996? ;-). Oh well, tweak old ideas, repackage them and drive the hype up and voila, you got yourself a business worth billions ;-). Why didn't I think of that?
(Also added a new Photo in my Gallery, Pet section.)

February 24, 2009
Updated the About Me page due to som hardware upgrades on my home comp.

February 1, 2009
Another link-page update [GFX].

January 25, 2009
Link pages don't age well. Today I updated the links (removed dead, added new) on the Software Links page.

January 1, 2009
Welcome to official update 571. ;-)
I never get used to this. Every time I sit down to write this annual log, I catch myself thinking "gee, time really flies, yet another year comes to an end". In a way however, it might be seen as a healthy reminder that time isn't waiting for anyone. We're getting older by the minute and whether we find the time to do the things we really want to do (or not) makes no difference to the unstoppable flow of time.

2008 ended in a way that makes it hard to forget. The financial markets all over the world collapsed in the last 3 months of the year. The collapse was of such magnitude they will probably put it in all future history books. I have nor the required insight nor the time or space to debate to reasons for the collapse, but I will comment shortly. My spontaneous reaction is that such collapses are "part of the game" we've chosen as our favorite business model (capitalism). As such they can be expected - the trouble is to predict them. However when prices of some products just balloon for years in succession you can be sure that such inflation isn't all healthy and the air will eventually come out of that balloon.
There is also the "small" issue with a car industry that is used to pumping out large volumes of old style gasoline vehicles and we are all expected to consume happily at an all increasing rate.
Well bad news then. We are not. Thankfully, people are slowly(!) becoming more aware of the effects we have on the environment. We, the consumers, hold the cash. Why shouldn't we decide what kind of vehicles we can buy? The promised land of the extra, extra large truck, USA, is in seriously deep trouble and need to perform some fine magic to save it's large dinosaurs (GM, Chrylser etc) before they get extinct. In theory, capitalism is what emotional creatures would consider "cruel", much like evolution, as businesses that don't turn profit would go out of business. Survival of the fittest. However, a thing such as the economy of an entire state is a complicated matter. Sometimes it makes sense to throw out a life line and save even the last rat on the sinking ship. Time will tell if that was a lifeline well spent or if that rat will return the favor by spreading disease. (I really like using metaphors today, makes me feel extra philosophical ;-)

Ok so I promised I wouldīt write a book on the financial collapse, let's drop the subject already. But speaking of the USA, thatīs was where I and my girlfriend spent our vacation this summer. We visited lots of places and we even had a lucky break with the cheap dollar (up 20% since). During this vacation we (me mostly) took a lot of photos, which kind of kick-started my deepened interest in photography. (I've always had the interest and I've owned cameras since the 80's, but this year I too the step into the world of *real* photography. In other words I bought a digital SLR (Canon 40D to be precise) and a collection of lenses and other equipment. It's an expensive hobby, but a rewarding one. This led to basically the only noticeable update to my site. The addition of a real gallery. In the process of creating this new photo gallery I decided that I'd solve several problems if only I moved the hosting to a proper web hotel. Said and done. I finally left "Passagen" that had hosted my site for more than a decade. The new web hotel allows fancy stuff such as my semi-automatically generated photo gallery. The photo gallery is the place where most of the future updates will be found although I'll probably throw in a surprise or two as well.

I usually comment on the constant evolution of my computer gear. I have no intention to break such a noble tradition. So what transformation took place in 2008? Well, the most obvious one was that I threw out the last of my remaining CRT monitors. I replaced "old Betty" with a 24" Dell thing. However I'm not completely satisfied with it. It has some issues, but too bad then that my laziness prevents me from complaining/returning it). By adding another harddrive my total storage space exceeded 2TB. A few years ago, that was considered a very large amount of storage space, but I'm sure we'll laugh at it soon enough.ī;-) (Some tech gadgets don't age well, do they?)

So that about covers some of the stuff I'm willing to discuss in this forum ;-).
Now, all we can do is to sit back and relax.. and let the all new 2009 give it's best shot. Question is, can we take it?

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