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Welcome to my Improved Astronomy Pages.
Astronomy is the scientific study of celestial bodies (such as planets, stars etc.) and the universe as a whole.

I will not go into any deep lectures here, mostly because if you really are interested you've probably already found it elsewhere on the net. Luckily, Internet is a very good place to look for astronomy related information. There is a vast amount of information out there covering basically every little topic one can think of.

The main purpose of my astronomy pages is to give the astronomically inexperienced readers a nice, compact presentation of how Earth fits into the vastness of the universe. How we understand our place in the universe may affect more than we think. Whether a person believes in extraterrestrial life is often directly related to their understanding of the universe.

These pages are divided into different segments and I also provide a bit of historical perspective by telling how thing were perceived in the past. The best way to read the pages is to view them in the order I present them.

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