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Added link to Jongware where you can download the nice little prog he's written. Because it relates to the stuff discussed on my curious facts page, the link has been placed there (and above here, obviously).


Minor update following a tip from a fellow Frontier fan, 'Jongware'. (Addition to the 'Curious facts' page)


Minor update, added some stuff to the Curious facts page.


Yes, another update, but this one is a bit more modest. Added some more stuff to the "Curious Facts" -page.


Just when most people would assume that the site is dead, I decided to surprise everyone (myself included) with a major update.
So what's new then? Well, I used to have a nice little database where people could type in the name of a star system and get stock market prices. Unfortunately, the site which hosted the ASP code necessary is no longer online. Anyway, I have saved the 340+ system names into 2 HTML pages, one sorted by system name and the other one sorted by Sector. YOu will find these under the same link as the database used to be (Frontier Stock Prices Database).
But that's not all. I also added a brand new Starports Map. It is a map that covers all sectors from (-10, -10) to (+10, +10) - all in all 441 sectors! The map shows -sector by sector- how many systems with Starports there are in each sector. You can find this new map under the new link "Starport Map".
And that's not all either.. I have added some more stuff to my critically acclaimed ;-) "Curious Facts" page!

Yeah, I know.. Not many updates.. Unfortunately, not much new this time either, but I just wanted to thank those who send in tips and stuff to me. Regarding the note that there are systems that can't be "locked" in the star map... I am aware that the map can be rotated, but I still can't get a lock on some stars.. Maybe this was fixed in the PC version of the game.
Anyway, I did modify some text on the "Curious Facts" page that could be misinterpreted. Sorry if I was unclear in some matters.
Also I had some stuff I was going to add in the next update that has been lying around since spring, but now I see I have misplaced some papers and I can't find them.. :-(

Some new stuff here for you today... The map is not ready yet, but while doing it I found quite a lot of other curious stuff that you can read about (in the "Curious F acts" section of course :).
About the map, I've charted 252 of the 441 sectors so thats more than half anyway (57%).
As always, the new stuff is marked with this color.

Just wanted you to know that I'm preparing a large map of systems with starports. This is a huge undertaking, it means I have to manually check 441 sectors for systems with starports. This map will hopefully be finished in a couple of weeks.
What I need to make this thing is TIME. Unless I find the time I need, it may be postponed further into the future. But when it's done, it should be pretty cool.

Lot's of new stuff in "Curious stuff". A confirmation of the " every 256 sectors" bug, some new funny system names, some strange observations and one disappointing discovery. I don't know why I haven't noticed this earlier, but now that I have, I'm slightly disappointed. More about this inside... To make it easier for you to see whats new since the last time, the new stuff will have a slightly more yellowish color.
Robin of Frontierverse asked me to change the URL for the Frontierverse link so that's been fixed also...

To make it easier to track changes on this site, I added this "Latest updates section". The Curious facts page was updated with quite a lot of new stuff..
A friendly mail from Robin at Frontierverse informed me that my site has been included on his excellent site's links page.


This Frontier fan site is officially launched.

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