AH64 Apache - Work In Progress

Ok, so I didn't work a lot on it lately since there were so many exciting Euro2004 games on TV :-) but here is an almost finished version. I doubt I'll do any changes to the model at this point, but the textures need some more tweaking (mostly the interior). There are windows too even if they aren't visible here. I'd need some kind of good realtime 3D engine to make it look good, this is just a screenshot from the standard Max viewport, so it's not rendered, and there are no lights in the scene.

Unlike the other projects in my gallery, this is a Real Time model. It is meant to be used in a computer game. This revision isn't yet final, but the model is nearly done. I still need to add weapons, tweak some smoothing groups, and tweak some parts of the model.
The idea is to create a fairly accurate and detailed model of the AH64 Apache attack helicopter. After I've optimized the model below 5000 plygons, I will apply textures to it. When done, it will be part of my portfolio.

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