The Godzilla project - Work In Progress

Still revision 0.38. Nothing new with the model, but I thought I'd render it with some GI, since all the cool kids seem to do that these days :-)
This scene is rendered with pretty simple GI settings and an additional lightsource for the highlights. The materials are very simple, no textures. Rendering speed: 'Not good' :-)
Revision (0.38). A rare shot from behind revealing the crazy detail level :-) Fixed Hands. This little lizard is in it's final modeling stages... Rendered with 2 iterations of MeshSmooth and Wireframe material. (That's right, no textures :-)
Revision (0.35). Real eye, front-jaw slightly reworked, sharper teeth, and some stuff on the back not visible from this angle. Still simple side planar map (Rough unwrap) for now and basic Max Raytrace material with not-so-good-settings.. :-) Rendered with 1 iteration of mesh-smooth and 1 single lightsource.
Don't let this image fool you, the rest of the body is not as complete as you might think. In other words, lot's of work remains.
Still revision (0.33). No changes on the model, but a test with first custom map(s). Arms & legs removed. Simple side planar map for now. (Rough unwrap) Here rendered with 1 iteration of mesh-smooth. Expect more as soon I as I have some free time... :-)
zilla r0.33
Revision (0.33). More details on the legs, feet have claws. Fingers on hand reworked, but need more work (& claws). 'Spikes' go all the way to the end of the tail. More spikes on the back added. Lower part of mid-body reworked. Tail is even longer now. Still need to fix the teeth, neck, hands and add additional spikes down the middle of the tail.
Again rendered with 2 iterations of mesh-smooth. The model is at about 220.000 polys right now..
zilla r0.26
Revision (0.26). More details around the eye. (The eye is now a sphere.) Details on the feet, but no claws. There is a tongue now (the wine-red thing). Unfortunately, the teeth will need to be reworked since I saw how they actually look like, while studying screencaptures from the movie.
This is again a render with 2 iterations of Meshsmooth (NURMS) applied. In this scene you're looking at (roughly) 160.000 polys.

zilla r0.22
Revision (0.22). More detail on the head. The jaw now has pretty detailed teeth-sockets. The area above the eye is also more detailed. I'll soon be working more around the eye & neck areas.
This is a render with 2 iterations of Meshsmooth (NURMS) applied and wire material.

zilla r0.18
Revision (0.18). More detail on the head & neck. The upper jaw can soon get some teeth :-)
This is a test render with a bogus bump-map just to see how the details work out. The Finished model will of course have a dedicated bumpmap that will have similar features as the original Godzilla..

zilla r0.14
A slightly newer revision (0.14). This time, arms are included, fixed jaw length.

zilla r0.12
This pic an early WIP pic of my curent project: Godzilla. I estimate that the model is about 40% complete and lot's of hard work remains.. (There is actually an arm too, but it was removed for this render)
Then we need to texture it, animate it...sigh... :-)
Godzilla and Godzilla character design ©TM TOHO Co., LTD. 1997
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