Rendering Test-Center

The pics found here are just test renders, they are not to be considered as 'Final-art' in any way. The purpose is to share certain settings or otherwise within the field of advanced rendering.
Again, more or less the same scene as the one below, but with somewhat tweaked settings. This time I turned off reflectivity on the balls entirely, switched to Anisotropic shading and tweaked the light settings. It doesen't look very real, but it's interesting to compare the differences in the renderings.
It' also noteworthy that the turned off reflectivity did't take too much off the total rendering time.

More or less the same scene as the one below, but with somewhat tweaked settings. The rendering settings were tweaked downwards to improve rendering time (Which it did) and the material settings were tweaked to look better...

A very simple scene, but rather heavy rendering settings. Even though the result is rather unremarkable, it's still quite interesting to take a close look at the resulting reflections within the balls...
The rendering time was absolutely incredible and could undoubtedly be tuned down significantly by adjusting certain settings. (e.g. number of ray bounces, rays/sample etc...)
The color bleed is not as evident as the settings would suggest. Also, the effects of the skylight are less visible than expected. (Very little diffuse shadows under the balls) This is partly due to the reflective materials which eat up the diffuse shadows, but also the angle of the scene relative to the main lightsource. (Almost straight behind the camera.)

Ok, so you really wanna hear about the rendering time? As you wish...

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