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AI Research (Featuring a number of 'coversation bots'.) (e-print archive)
CalPhysics (Cool astrophysics site) (Daily science & nature news)
ITER Fusion Reactor (Research on nuclear fusion)
LHC (Large Hadron Collider homepage) (Physics portal)
New Scientist (Daily sci news)
PhysLinks (Physics & Astronomy)
Popular Mechanics (Science section)
Science Daily (Yes, daily sci news)
Scientific American (Sci news)
Technology Review
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Yahoo's Science Links

Astronomy (Astronomy mag)
Astronomy Now (Astronomy news, slow on updates)
ESA (The European Space Agency)
ESO (European Southern Observatory)
\__ Paranal Observatory (Home of the VLT's)
Extrasolar Planet Search (List of extrasolar planets)
Malin Space Science Systems (Mars images)
Mars missions (Check out the current Mars missions)
NASA (The Space R&D HQ of planet Earth!)
\__ Photojournal (Pictures from all NASA missions)
Nine Planets (Good info about our solar system)
Solar System Simulator (NASA) (Astronomy news & more)
Spaceflight Now (Daily info about space-related events)
The Planetary Society (Like the name suggests...)
Your Sky (Great site lets you see your sky)
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Yahoo's Astronomy Links

UFO, ET & METAPHYSICS SITES (UFO Forums & Info) (Decent 'spooky' site)
CAUS (Citizens against UFO secrecy)
CoastToCoast ('Spooky' news)
CSETI (Center for Study of ET's)
EnterpriseMission (Another big UFO Site)
GravityWarpdrive (Some Bob Lazar stuff)
Monroe Institute (Out of Body research)
Mystical Blaze (Nice paranormal info site)
SETI@home (Help SETI at home)
UFO Sverige (Report UFO sightnings) (S)
UFO Skeptics (Site by astronomer Bernard Haisch)

PARANOID FOR A GOOD REASON (The name says it all?) (Tom Bearden's remarkable site.)
NSA (Official NSA website) (Jeff Rense's 'paranoid' site)
The Disclosure Project (We are not alone!?)

World of Mathematics (The name says it all?)
(S) means 'Swedish'!

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