Daniel Sevo's PC buyers guide:

Last updated in March, 2006.


First of all: welcome to my PC buyers guide.
This guide is designed to help PC buyers to decide which computer to buy.

I realize that there are lot's of good buyers guides out there on the net and in magazines, in fact you fill find links to a couple of those here, so you might wonder what makes this guide special.
Well, contrary to most other guides, this will not be updated as often as those others which are probably updated once a month or so. I don't have the time for that, so instead, I tried to write a guide that is more 'timeless' - a more general approach (as it turned out, I usually update it once a year).
Sure, the hardware specs change all the time but basically the questions, problems and answers remain the same.

First time buyers wonder what kind of computer they need to do certain stuff and so on. I do use up-to-date examples, but the reasoning behind it should remain the same even when new hardware arrives.

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