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Hey there! My name is Daniel E. Sevo....
I'll not reveal my exact age, though I can tell you that I'm now at least 4 decades old (By the way the images below are not what you would call.. recent ;-)). I'm born in Gothenburg, Sweden and that's also where I live now in a house with my girlfriend ("cohabitant"?), my two kids and a couple of cats. (You can find pics of most of them in my Photo Gallery or Instagram feed.)

I work with computer generated 3d in various ways. In 'ancient times' I started off with graphics on AMIGA computers (and all of my old work my ancient gallery is made on an Amiga) but since 1998 I've only worked with PCs (Windows)... 1998-2003 I was working in the computer game industry as a computer graphics artist at Mindark AB. From 2006 and until late 2011 I was working at Dynagraph AB. Now I work for the large company WSP here in Gothenburg, Sweden.
You can find me on LinkedIn
When in the right mood, I'm actually a very philosophical person. A thinker, if you like. (I like to see myself as a 'problem-solver'.) Why don't you download my book and decide for yourself.

Now, that probably sounded boring. :-) For years (we're talking 15+ years ago) I used to hang out on clubs that play good techno music. HardTrance, Progressive/Hard House, that kind of stuff.

Some of you may also know that I sometimes call myself 'DJ DES'. I'm a wannabe DJ, who just wants to listen and play good music. I don't do any commercial gigs or anything, it's all just for fun.

If you wonder what kind of music I'm talking about, you should probably check out my HOT-list.
(Yeah, you'll probably notice that the list hasn't been updated for years.)
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Gangster or gamer?
For almost a decade I was involved in various game-development projects. It began as a hobby, later it became my job. While it was a hobby I was involved in a total of 3 projects, only one of them was finished, though.(A 1996 PC DOS game called Cosmic Ambush (which you can download from my download area. (Oh dear, is it 20+ years ago already?)

I've been around computers since 1983, and owning (at least one) since 1986. I started using the Internet in 1994.

My favorite computer games include Green Beret, Emelyn Hughes Int. Soccer, Armalyte (C64), Shinobi, Bubble Bobble, Double Dragon (SEGA & Taito Arcade), Kick Off 2, Frontier, Gunship 2000, Alien Breed 3D (Amiga), Tetris DX (GameBoy Color) StarCraft1 & 2, Quake III, CounterStrike, GTA III, Far Cry 1-5, Half Life 2, International Online Soccer & Crysis 1-3 (PC), RoboDefense (Android), Elite Dangerous (PC), Yoshis Wooly World (Nintendo Wii U).

I have a farly long list of interests but some of the "not so obvious" -ones include photography, computer hardware, quantum physics, astronomy, discussing religion or the meaning of life, playing beach-volleyball, (european) football, pool. When I was younger, I had a decent spell at 'pumpin iron' too. These days, the gym doesn't seem as compelling anymore. :-)
As I said, I love football ('soccer' to you americans) and I've been a Liverpool FC fan for as long as I can remember (well, since 1984 anyway, that's over 35 years!).
...and of course, being the philosophical type, I just have to be a Trek-fan! But I'm not the difficult type, I like Star Wars too ;-) I just find Trek deeper, more meaningful.

I also want to mention that I'm a supporter of the WWF Tiger programme. You can make a difference too, if you can, please support WWF in your local country. It would be a damn shame if we (humans) managed to exterminate any of these large mammals (Tigers, polar bears, orangutans etc). For the cost of 2 Starbuck cofees a month, you can make a difference. This is one of those things where waiting until later is a bad idea. Time is not on our side.

Since this site is very 'Computer-topic' oriented, I thought I might write a line or two about my computer setup @ home.

Primary Computer (Win 10 Pro 64-bit)
CPU AMD Ryzen 9 3900X (12-core @3.8GHHz)
GFX Card ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER
Sound Card Soundblaster Zx (Yup, still going strong)
HD Space >12 TB (1x1TB SSD, 2x500GB SSD, (2x2TB, 1x1TB, 1x4TB +3TB External)
DVD/CD R/RW, DVD Samsung (BlueRay reader)
PSU Corsair AX750(W)
Monitor Dell Ultrasharp UP2716D (10-bit IPS, 27" 2560x1440) + ACER (27" 2560x1440)
Internet Connection 250/250 Mbit Fibre
Input Devices Logitech G500 mouse, WACOM tablet, Corsair Vengeance keyboard
Other Peripherals Synology Diskstation 213 (3TB), Canon Pixma MG8250 (Color InkJet printer & Scanner combo), AKG headphones & Sennheiser gaming headset
Computer Case CoolerMaster CM Stacker (Ye, it's and oldie, but you can fit just about anything in it)

That's it for now, and have a nice stay!

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