Welcome to the GALLERY!
Here below you see a small collection of pictures I've created. The old ones (up til 1998) are created using IMAGINE (3,4 & 5.0) on Amiga. Pics since 1999 are made with 3dsmax or Alias Studio Tools on PC.

2005 ~430k New    
  "My Car" (Studio Tools)    
2004 ~200k    
  78k 75k
  Kalashnikov WIP
2003 G.A.T. WIP Kalashnikov WIP  
2002 Still Godzilla WIP Kalashnikov WIP Test-renders
2001 Godzilla WIP page    
2000 104k    
  'Now What?'    
1999 95k    
  Pot Plant'    
1998 146k 111k 103k
  'By The Water 2' 'By The Water 2 - Antique' 'Btw2 Spin Off'
1997 75k 114k  
  'Station Reactor' 'Enter The Cellar'  
1996 48k 75k  
  'Video On Demand1' 'Someone At The Door'  
1993 137k 65k  

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