Image rendered with 'IMAGINE'
This picture was dubbed 'By The Water 2.0 - Quality Strikes Back' ;) This was my most advanced project so far and I tried to make it look really good. I worked with the surfaces for a LONG time (almost all of them are Imagines procedural textures, NOT Image maps) and I did a lot of 'real life' research before I even started to work with the computer.
To be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely happy with it. Yeah it looks fine in most places, but there are some things that I could have done better, other things are due to limitations in the Imagine software. To be specific, the lightning bothers me a bit. I had to cheat to come around some strange output caused by Imagines questionable lightning algorithms. A scene like this really should have been rendered using radiosity rendering. (Imagine does not support that) I also would have wanted to use 'soft-shadows' but Imagines way of handling that, would slow down the render waaaay too much!
For the technically familiar I can say that this image was rendered in 1600x1200 (and then scaled down) and it took 256 hours, 33 minutes to render(!!!) (that's almost 11 days!!) on my trusty old workhorse (060 based Amiga with 80Mb RAM). The scene contains no less than 337.305 polygons (11.6 Mb of objects)!

[3D Program: Imagine]
[Platform: Amiga]
[Year: 1998]

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