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Since the links on this page are old (1997), the may or may not work properly. They are no longer maintained.

December 23, 1997
Some new links were added today, among others 'hotmail' -the worlds largest provider of free web-based e-mail. (over 12 million users!). Other new links include other free e-mail/homepage providers and a JAVA games site (featuring Yahtzee!).
Due to these additions I re-worked the 'links/other' section. It is now divided into two sub-categories (web resources & misc).

December 18, 1997
Today I added a new search engine. But it's not another one of those boring WEB searchers, it's an FTP search engine. Quite useful actually. (Thanks for the link, Casper)
I also did something in the MP3 area, you'll have to find out for yourself, what exactly is new...
2 new 'news-sites' were added to the links/media/daily section. section. These sites provide daily world news (Choose your topic, e.g. 'Technology')

December 17, 1997
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Well, not quite... But it is an one year anniversary... It is exactly 1 year since I started to write this 'log' (or 'diary' if you want). (You can check the bottom of the page if you want).
A lot of stuff has happened during this year. The homepage has been reworked a couple of times. New categories were added, new pictures were added to the gallery, lot's of new links & cyberpals...
The CLUT page did not exist at that point either, although no one seems to give a damn anyway... (Basically no visitors for the last couple of months) Apparently the topics aren't interesting enough, even though people still ask me exactly those things which I have explained there...
I will 'review' the year (1997) again after new-year. Before that though, you'll probably see a couple of updates, since I have some spare time during the holidays...
Keep comming back, this site is active!

-(check the log enteries below to see the latest changes)
December 16, 1997
Minor 'bugfixes'. I changed the text on the preview page that promised a date for new images in the gallery. This time it isn't as optimistic as before...
I added a link to 'index' from the main page, because if you don't go via the initial frameset it can be difficult to get back to the index page.
Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of this log file. I guess I'll have to come up with something special. (then again, I might not)
December 15, 1997
I completely re-worked the 'Cyberpals' section! Now it is possible to send them e-mail directly without having to enter their horrible web-pages! :) (You can thank me later).
I also removed the link to 'Shades of Evolution' since neither the group nor the site exists anymore...
Furthermore, I added a bunch of new links in the computer/hardware section (CPU makers).
November 22, 1997
The cyberpal that was kicked out a week ago, is now back. I also fixed some other links that were broken, now they should all work. I'm also continuing my work on the new section as well as the new pics for the gallery, and possibly new pics of myself!!
See ya around...
November 13, 1997
Today I just went through the links and removed the broken ones. I also kicked out a cyberpal, because his site is gone, thank god!
I am in the process of developing a new section on my site, called 'My Opinion'. You'll be able to read what I think about different things. You should see something of this soon.
The gallery hasn't got any additions for some time either, but those things take time, however, I promise you won't be disappointed when new pics finally arrive.
October 30, 1997
I added a link to the homepage of my new CSD team (Computer Software Development). We call ourselves 'GoldMinds Development', if you want to know more click here
(This is a site that I put together, basically, in one afternoon... Simple? Yes! Effective? Yes!)
October 23, 1997
Perhaps some of you have noticed that the updates in the galley don't come as often as promised...
The simple explanation is that as the images get more and more complex, they take longer to produce. I've been working on a new image for some time now, and when I have the whole 'scene' ready, I'll be able to render a number of images just by moving the camera around.
In other words, once the scene is finished I'll be able to deliver perhaps 3 images right away... (compensating for the lack of new images since august)
For now, I have moved the AUGUST image to the gallery replacing 'Station Reactor', so there's currently no image in the preview section.
October 2, 1997
After getting some minor bug-reports and other criticism, here's what I changed (besides from the rare(?) typos):
The left frame now contains direct links to 'Contents' & 'Links' as well as the main page, since these two are likely to be the most visited.
September 25, 1997
MAJOR REWORK, as you have probably already noticed. Basically everything on the site is changed. Lot's of stuff remains similar to how it was before though....(if it ain't broke, don't fix it...)
Here's a partial list of changed stuff:
- The left frame now has a Java Script for the buttons/links.
- There are Java Applets through out the page to spice things up.
- The CLUT page is completely re-made, (more integrated into the site), in both English & Swedish! CHECK IT OUT!
- The backgrounds are different.
- Lot's of new graphics for the links...
- The Gallery is slightly re-designed
- New link category (audio)
- other stuff (like a different font on ALL text)
As most parts of this site are completely re-made, some bugs might show up. Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail with bug-reports. (if you find any)
It is likely that more things will be adjusted soon, after I get some 'feedback' from the visitors.
August 14, 1997
Today I re-made the index page. From now on, you don't have to go through two 'index' pages to reach the 'main' page. The second index-page I had was also quite heavy to download (though good looking IMO) so now you don't have to go through that page anymore...
The CLUT page can now only be reached from my 'contents' page. I'm working on a English version of that page, which should be ready before the end of this month...
August 1, 1997
In case you wonder where the hell I've been, I can tell you I've been very busy. Working all over the place. Nevertheless, I've managed to create a new image for the 'new gallery'. You can check it out here
You'll hear more from me in a while, until then...
July 3, 1997
Today I made some minor changes, here and there, but the main thing is the -temporary- link to the 'Mars Pathfinder' site! If you don't know it yet, NASA's 'MARS Pathfinder' is about to land on the red planet. (tomorrow, july 4:th)
On the site you can find all kinds of info about Pathfinders progress...
July 1, 1997
A new month begins... I updated my site 11 times during June. Let's see if I can match that this month?!
You probably know who George Lucas is... The man behind 'Star Wars'. He made 3 movies a long time ago, now - 20 years later, he takes the same movies and improves the things he wasn't fully satisfied with. Then he releases the movies as if they were new.
The point is, I decided to [basically] make the same thing, but since I haven't made any epic movies, I'll do it with some of the pictures I've made...
Sometimes you do(render) an image, and you're satisfied with the concept, but not always the output quality, or the light-settings, or some other detail. So, I 'dusted off' some of my old projects, and changed the details that bothered me... So far I've rerendered 2 images. ('The Roswell Incident') and ('Station Reactor'). These 'Special Edition' images have now replaced the original images. The text below each image will tell you if it is a 'Special Edition' image or not...
More images will follow...
June 26, 1997
I rerendered the 'July' pic. Not a big difference, but more polished nevertheless...
You can take a look at it here!
June 25, 1997
I know that the images in the gallery might appear a bit too dark on some screens. Therefore I included a new 'calibration picture'. It's simply an image that you can use as a reference to adjust your screen properly. You will find the link to this image/page on the main gallery page...
June 23, 1997
Today I'm introducing a new 'thing' on the 'gallery' pages... I call it 'preview of the month'. I've already uploaded the July image which is in beta state. Hopefully, the final version (which may or may not look like the beta) will be finished this week, and when it is, you'll find it on the same page. (preview -although it will no longer be called 'beta')

The strange 'reload problem' seems to have disappeared just as unnoticed as it arrived, still though, keep in mind that if you want to be sure to only reload the current frame, 'View/Reload Frame' (in Netscapes menu-bar) is the best option...
I also added a new ''cyberpal' and while I was at it, I rewrote the comments on the 'cyberpals' homepages. Now they are closer to the truth than ever! :)
Wait, there's more! I added a New category to the computer links: Java! There, you'll find the most famous Java sites on the net!
June 19, 1997
For some reason, all of a sudden, the reload function does not work as it used to. So now if you only want to reload the document in the current frame, don't hit the 'reload' button. Instead choose 'View/Reload Frame' in the Netscape menu bar...
(If you don't have Netscape, you'll have to figure it out yourself...)
If you insist on hitting (or do it by accident) the 'reload' button, Netscape will reload the whole frame-set, which means you will end up on the 'main-page' (which it will reload)...
June 17, 1997
I added a few new links, removed a couple of outdated ones... I also made some 'cosmetic touching up' on the links- pages..
Yep, it's getting better & better... 'Perfection' is not far away :)
June 16, 1997
I continued to add HEIGHT & WIDTH tags to my images, and now AFAIK every image on the site has one...
Then I also replaced the 'Gallery' logo, because it was too similar to the 'contents' logo... Now, one of them was a link, and the other one wasn't. It might have been a bit confusing...
I also added a link to the main page in the left frame. The 'back to main' buttons on the bottom of every page will remain there, however. (Because if you run the no-frameversion, you still want a shortcut to the main page)
June 13, 1997
Today I did something I should have done from the beginning! I added 'WIDTH & HEIGHT' tags to the images on the main-, links- & gallery- pages... That way, those with slow net-connections can see that something is actually loading, instead of getting all the images at once after a long while...
I also added a link to a place where they have online Java games... Anyone that want's to try to beat my highscore in Yahtzee is welcome to try! (538p)
June 09, 1997
I added a couple of Macintosh- related links. Interesting things are happening in the 'world of Mac'. Links include info about the next MacOS 'Rhapsody'... There's also a link to a swedish mac-magazine. For those interested in 3D modeling there's a link to a company that promises a new way to model objects...
I now also added 'text-only-links' on every links-page... So now when you're on any of the links-pages, you can reach all the other link-pages without having to hit the 'back' button in your browser...
June 06, 1997
Today, I mostly 'de-bugged' some minor flaws here & there... I added some description texts to some of the links I also rewrote the description text for the 'Cyberpals-links'. (It's a bit more provocative now :)
June 05, 1997
Wow, first major changes since the inclusion of the gallery!
Today, I replaced all the graphics for the 'link-buttons' and in the process I added 2 new categories... (CyberPals & Sports)
June 04, 1997
I further 'trimmed' this site... Fixed small bugs, a couple of changes, but nothing major...
I also added a link to a site called 'Lady Slammers Golf Tour'... I don't play golf, but I've been helping the lady responsible for the site with HTML'n stuff, so I figured... what the hell... You can find it under 'links/sports'
May 30, 1997
Wow! A new picture of me in the 'about' section...
Today, I more or less went through all the .html docs and cleaned them up. Nothing that shows, but anyway...
I also removed the links to 'geocities' from my main page. They were there because this site was originally made there. I've moved to 'Passagen' since then... (you can still find them on the 'links/other' - page though..)
May 27, 1997
Ouch! 'Long time no update' -Again!
This 'rare-update' thing is starting to look like a habit... But I'll try! I'll try to update it much more regularly from now on. (until further notice)
This time I re-wrote parts of the text on my 'Info about me - page' and made it a bit more interesting. (adding a few new links) Very soon other changes will follow, I promise.
Stay tuned...
April 12, 1997
Phew! 'Long time no update'
I just checked and replaced a couple of links that didn't work... Stuff like that.. I hope to bring some interesting topics to the 'Content' area. Don't give up just yet... Also, who knows, I might upload some new images to the gallery some time soon (or maybe not :)
February 28, 1997
I added a link to my second homepage, You'll find this link under 'Contents' It's a page about computer graphics, worth a look I think, and it's far 'lower bandwidth' demanding (grammar??).
February 26, 1997
Wow, finally! Iv'e included the gallery with 12 pics... Check it out. Although I see I'll have to replace the 'Gallery' icon, since it turned out too big. Not a problem though. I hope it won't be this long again 'til the next update. Stay tuned.
January 29, 1997
I added a link to a new search engine called 'EuroSeek'. This one could prove to be an interesting replacement for Alta Vista, which I find more and more...'a pain in the neck'
January 27, 1997
I replaced the buttons on the 'links' page. I also replaced the blue tile with another blue tile, but I think this new one is a bit cooler... (it's the one you see in the background)
January 22, 1997
Nothing revolutionary, but I 'added consistency' to my HP by adjusting the colors of the links, so now, they're all the same throughout the site (well, almost, at least on those pages with the darkblue tile).
January 21, 1997
I uploaded a test- gif-animation. It's over 600kb in size so instead of 'forcing' visitors to see it, I made a link to it on the 'Contents-page'. It will be removed later, as I said, it's only a test.
January 18, 1997
For the last couple of months, I've had daily access to the 'net', therefore I,I've been able to update my site anytime I wanted to. BUT... I'll only have 'everyday-access' for another week or so, after that I'll probably only be able to update things once or twice a week (usually weekends). Because of this I've also replaced the 'month/year' thing with a JAVA-script that changes the date automatically. (Anyway, I think that most of the visitors were aware of what year it was, so this JAVA script is of greater value than the previous stuff) I also reworked the 'computer links' page a bit...
January 2, 1997
First 'log entry' of the year. Today I've added a no-frames version of my homepage. This should make at least a few people happy...

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