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Frontier was the 1993 follow up to one of the most appreciated computer games of all time, Elite, written in 1982-84 by David Braben and Ian Bell.
For more official into visit the Frontier Developments website.

These are the contents of Daniel Sevo's Frontier Fan Site.
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Yes, you can click here... Latest updates. Check here to see what's new since your last visit.
Yes, you can click here... Frontier Stock Prices Database. Unique tables with Frontier stock prices from hundreds of star-systems.
Yes, you can click here... Curious facts. Strange things, bugs or otherwise discovered (by me) in the game.
Also includes a table over a number of very distant populated systems.
Yes, you can click here... Frontier "Major Starports" Map A Starport map covering all the 441 inner sectors! (+/-10 sectors)
Yes, you can click here... The 'Frontier' of the future. Meet the future of space simulation. Here, you can read about my ambitious vision for future gaming. Maybe a good concept for Elite VI in the year 2015 or so...
Yes, you can click here... Frontierverse, probably the best all-around Frontier fan-site. They have it all...almost... :) Among many other things, this site has a good links to other Frontier fan sites -page. That's why I only list this one as a reference.

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