SEARCH Click here for an extensive list of searchengines. (Web, FTP, Software etc.)
NEWS Click here for news. Lot's of news sites here.
SERVICES Here, you will find lot's of interesting services on the net.
INTERNET Lot's of useful Internet resources. (Free e-mail, homepages etc..)
SHOP Web shopping sites, different categories.
MEDIA Check out magazines, movies and music sites.
MOBILE Resources about & for mobile phone users.
HARDWARE Lot's of useful Computer Hardware links.
SOFTWARE Lot's of useful Computer Software links.
GAMES If games is what you want, games is what you'll get! :)
DEVELOPER Lot's of stuff for game & web developers.
GFX DEV Lot's of stuff for graphics artists & developers.
SCIENCE Science, astronomy & UFOs. It's all here!
OTHER Misc links that don't fit in above categories. (Cyberpals, Humor & other)

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