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Since the links on this page are old (2000), the may or may not work properly. They are no longer maintained.

December 31, 2000
The last update of the year. It happens to be a Sunday, so that means another 'Tech week review', but just as I suspected, the week was quite slow as far as news were concerned.

The big news though, the earlier mentioned release of my Frontier Fan site. You will find a link to it in the left frame under 'Computer related/Other'. You will also notice that it also has it's own URL: (http://fly.to/the-final-frontier).
I would like to thank my friend Martin Caspersson for his efforts on the ASP database solution that makes this fan site really interesting. There will be some changes and tweaks in the near future, but it works adequately to motivate an official release.

The next update will be, as always, a summary of the year that was, in this case the Y2k. See you again next year, and a Happy New Year to you all...

December 28, 2000
Updated the 'History Of Computer Graphics, 2000 & beyond' -section. 1 new category & 2 links added (Financial Services). Also fixed some minor glitches in the new 2001 calendar.
Also, my Frontier Fan Site is scheduled to go online this saturday (December 30:th).

December 27, 2000
I added a 2001 calendar (Mixed International/Swedish). This time it's a huge 'bad-ass' HTML table instead of 12 gifs like the old one. I hope all browsers can handle it.
I also added some new links (Internet, Other) and updated the HOT-List.

I have a feeling that the next sunday update will be rather 'sparse', since most people in the western world are having X-mas holidays...
Also, the 'Frontier fan-site' should come online this week... (Wow, this is the 10:th update in december!)

December 24, 2000
This better be worth it ;) The usual sunday update... on X-mas. Anyway... Happy holidays...

December 19, 2000
Sometimes things happen that are not easy to explain or understand. Things shrouded in mystery that will bewilder people for years to come... But here we go anyway... People... There is a new picture in the gallery. Yes, it's true.. No, it's not the mysterious secret project known as 'GAT', but another new image. Fresh out of 3D Studio Max. Do check it out... (here)
There's also a new link or something, but on a day like this, who cares :)

December 17, 2000
Sunday update with lot's of news and 3 new links & 1 new fast-link. (An accurate count reveals that there are presently 524 unique links in the portal! If you spent 1 minute per link, you'd be be going on for over 8 hours if you wanted to visit all of them.)
I also removed 3 pics from the gallery when I suddenly realized that the test of time didn't do them any favors :)

December 16, 2000
5 new links.. (developer, software). Also, my Frontier fan site is running at beta stage at the moment. It should be up in a matter of weeks...

December 14, 2000
HOT-list updated, added 3 new links. (news, services & media)

December 10, 2000
Early sunday update... Also added some new links (shopping, game-sites & other). I also added a form on the Links Portal page to make it more convenient for you to suggest new links.

December 9, 2000
Updated the HOT-list.

December 5, 2000
A friend ran my portal-pages through a link-validator and found some broken links. This has now been taken care of. :)

December 3, 2000
Just the usual sunday update. 2 new links in the Developer/3D ARTISTS COMMUNITY SITES section. One new link (Experts Exchange) added to the Services section.
I have plans to add a 'Frontier - fan site' -page. (Frontier was a cool computer game which I loved to play) More info on this soon(?).

November 26, 2000
Sunday update. Added one new link to the 'hardware' section.
This also happens to be the 50:th update this year, meaning that the update frequency has surpassed 1 update/week! Amazing, isn't it? :)

November 22, 2000
I made some corrections to the HTML code on my index page to make it work better with Netscape 6.0. I also added a 'Domain lookup' link to my fast-links.
Btw, today's date is pretty cool, 00.11.22 :)

November 20, 2000
Sunday update... You can probably notice the change of headline 'CPU Roundup' to 'CHIP Roundup' on the main news page. I felt that news about chip-sets and memory was so close to CPU news that it was confusing to have it under 'General IT' news. Anyway... No big deal...
The 'news-ticker' aplett looked strange when viewed in the recently released Netscape 6.0 browser. I fixed that, more or less...

November 12, 2000
Sunday update with lots of news... I also did some major re-arrangements in the links section, adding a new Games section. The 'link-layout' is more logical now, IMO, hopefully it will not cause you too much trouble. Some new links were added in the process, of course.

November 10, 2000
Updated the HOT-list, added 1 link (Developer Resources/CodeGuru).

November 5, 2000
Sunday update. One new link. I also added a 'Favicon' so those of you who use Internet Explorer (5,*) will get a new icon if/when you add my site to your favorites.

October 30, 2000
I added a News Archive page. Before, it was only a listing from the server. I also updated the tables in the 'Basics Of Computer Graphics' section. (Screenres)

October 29, 2000
Sunday update. Surprisingly no new links, but one or two were adjusted/removed.
Reminder to those who 'have' summer-time, time to turn back the clock 1 hour.

October 24, 2000
Very small update, added IMDB link to the 'fast links' section, and redirected the 'Sightnings' site to rense.com (It's the same site).

October 23, 2000
A late Sunday update, (Hey, it's still sunday in the US as I write this ;) As you might guess I also added some new links. The 'FastLinks' table has been slightly re-arranged, and 3 new links were added.

October 15, 2000
Sunday update with lot's of news and as usual, some new links. The 2000 and beyond page in the 'History Of Computer Graphics' was updated to reflect the changes during the last quarter.

October 13, 2000
Some 'bug-fixes' and a bunch of new links.

October 8, 2000
Sunday update & a few new links...

October 1, 2000
Sunday update.. and for those of you who know what my 'hot-list' is, it's been updated.

September 24, 2000
Sunday update.. Also added some (6) new links.

September 17, 2000
Sunday update.. Also removed 2 links from the 'Fast links' table to make the table more compact. As I see it, it's important you don't have to scroll down to find a 'fast link'.

September 10, 2000
Sunday update again, of course.. Also removed & added a bunch of new links.

September 3, 2000
Well, it's sunday, right? That means that there is a new 'tech week in review' which you obviously find on the main page.
Previous weeks news will be stored in 'Archives' also found on the main page.

September 2, 2000
Today, I bring you the next step of evolution (of this site). Check out the main page! The link categories are all available from the main page! And not only that. The 'Links portal' has been reworked so that all pages are within 1 mouse-click away!
No more deep link-hierarchy!
Come back tomorrow for the weekly 'tech-news' update!

September 1, 2000
If you've ever read my 'about me' page, then you might have noticed that I was involved in production of computer games long before I started to work with it professionally. In 1996, a team of hobbyists called 'Shades Of Evolution' (with me as the graphics artist) released a freeware game called Cosmic Ambush.
For some reason I never offered people to download it directly from my site...Until now.
I added a Free Downloads page to my site, and there you can download it and even see some screen shots :)

In a second update today, I made adjustments to the left frame to make it work better with lower resolutions. A scroll bar in the frame is not desired, so I made the text smaller and brighter.

August 31, 2000
URL:l don't live forever. There is a constant need for updating my portal even though I don't necessarily add any new URL:s. This time some dead links were either replaced or removed.
I've been thinking lately about improvements I could make to my links-portal and with any luck, I will have some time to take a look at it this weekend. (And the news section 'Week in review' will of course also be updated on sunday)

August 27, 2000
As you've already noticed, this site has been reworked once again. Obviously the biggest change is the implementation of an actual news-service that will be updated regularly on a weekly basis.

I always endeavour to make this site as easy and comfortable to navigate as possible. I had to sacrifice the 'counter' on the index page which has been collecting 'hits' since june 1997.

I also made the site 'frame dependent' (which it wasn't before, even though I used frames). So instead of returning to the main page you will now always return to the page that reloads the frameset. This is obviously because I moved the content from the main page to the left frame.

Better or worse? Let me know.

August 15, 2000
For some reason I never added any links to game consoles... until now..
Links to the 4 big players: Nintendo, Playstation, SEGA, X-Box. These links are located under 'Computer/Hardware'.
Also added 1 new UFO link: UFOcity

For those of you who wonder if I'm ever going to do some new 3D art (for private use) I can tell you this: a couple of days ago, I took the first steps in my latest project, code-named 'GAT'. That's all I'm gonna say for now.

August 11, 2000
Ah, yes... back from my vacation... 1 week on Kos (Greece) and a couple of weeks at home, doing absolutely nothing. Just what I needed. But no more.. Back to work...
A couple of new interesting links... Particularly this one: http://grc.com/optout.htm (computer/software)
If you suspect you have some kind of 'spyware' installed on your system (Windows), run this program to detect it.
Some more links on the 'Science-links page'. Mostly UFO links: Unofficial Bob Lazar page, BobLazar.com, Anomalies.net, CSETI.

July 23, 2000
Finally time for me to take a vacation!
I celebrate this with the biggest update for quite some time. I finally managed to put together my own PC buyers guide (You will find the link on the main page). The guide is aimed primarily at first time buyers, but anyone might(?) find it interesting. I tried to make it a bit more less 'time-dependent' since I know that I don't have time to update it too often. (Special thanks to Martin Caspersson for 'beta-testing' the guide pages)

As always, there were several changes in the links section. This time too many to link them all from here, but you'll find them 'in there'. I actually checked ALL the links on all pages and changed or removed dead links.

I also made the 'History Of Computer Graphics' pages slightly easier / more comfortable to navigate.

July 6, 2000
Changed a few dead URL:s, added these links:
Humor: (FunnyMail, SatireWire, TwistedHumor), Services: (Full Scale Commerce), Comp:Java-games (T-tris).

July 3, 2000
Removed or changed a few dead URL:s, added these links:
PlanetHardware, KryoTech, RC5 challange stats.

June 24, 2000
A slow month as far as updates go, but I've been extremely busy (with work) the last couple of weeks.
A few new links is all I can throw in at this point. I plan to take a vacation i July. If that means that there will be more stuff here, remains to be seen however. :) Hopefully, it should at least allow me to finish my 'PC Buyers guide' which I announced a couple of months ago.
The new links this time are: BBspot - a 'humor' site with funny articles. Ixquix - a rellay good meta-search engine. Flygvaruhuset & Resfeber, 2 good travel sites. DJ DES hotlist - if you don't know who DJ DES is, this will not be interesting to you :)

May 26, 2000
Updates on the movie-links page.
2 new links, 1 removed (Added: Jurassic Punk, Movie-List). Removed 'Star Trek Continuum'. (It was forwarded to startrek.com)

May 21, 2000
2 new links (SMHI, Aces Hardware)

May 7, 2000
I realized that the CLUT page isn't going to get any attention any time soon (neither from me nor the visitors). Some of the information on those pages just isn't very relevant anymore. It was relevant a couple of years ago (actually, the CLUT site hasn't been updated since February 1997!) but things are a bit different these days.
In essence, I reworked those pages completely. I removed all the CLUT related stuff, and integrated the whole thing into the main site in a better way than before. What is left are the 'lectures' about the basics of computer graphics. You will find this new section on the main page, named The Basics Of Computer Graphics.
1 new link in 'Science' (Space.com)

May 6, 2000
I updated the text in 'History of computer graphics/2000 & beyond' with up to date information.
Added 1 link in 'Music' (Audioactive)

May 5, 2000
1 new link in search (Raging search). 2 new links in news (Slashdot, Voodoo Extreme)

May 2, 2000
3 new links in services (terraserver, FreeNet, Domain 2.0). 1 new link in computer/developer resources (trekmeshes)

April 30, 2000
Added a few new links (a new search-engine called google & more..)

April 28, 2000
Some new links, some removed and some URL changes to existing links.

April 22, 2000
More changes made to the portal...
A new sub-category (DJ SITES) was added to the music section. Only 3 links, but more to come soon.
I also removed the 'Welcome to my HP...blah, blah...' text from the index page.

April 19, 2000
Changes in the portal...
Since services related to mobile phones seem to be so popular, I decided to separate the related links from MISC SERVICES so that they will be easier to find.. I also moved 'news server' related stuff to it's own category.

April 13, 2000
Some graphical changes were made this time... I removed the 'Millenium' logo from the index page and replaced it with a www.danielsevo.com 'banner'. (Not very original, I know, but what the hell..)
The other big change was the new layout & appearance of the main page. The good old icons that have been around since the beginning were finally removed and replaced with a more directly accessible (and flexible) content. I also scaled down the JAVA applet logo.
As always, some changes were made in the portal/links section. (Links removed, new links added)

April 6, 2000
Last time I updated the site, I had to remove the graphics from the portal front page, because they didn't match the new categorys. I did it in a hurry, so now I took some more time to adjust a few 'quirks'.

April 1, 2000
I made some structural changes to my portal. The 'Services' section was growing too much so I had to separate 'Shopping' from the other online services. As usual some new links were added here and there... I also eliminated the 'car section'. The car links are now found under the 'Other' section. 'Audio' has been renamed to 'Music'.

March 25, 2000
Oops.. A months goes by so fast... A number of new links... (Various services, listed a couple of free swedish ISP's etc.)
I do plan, however, to start a new service called Daniel's PC buyers guide (or something like that). I do know a thing or two about the PC market. People tend to ask me for advice when buying PC's. So I thought 'why not do a PC guide on my site'. Such a guide will be updated 2 or 3 times a year to 'compensate' for the rapid changes in the industry... I can't say when it's going to be online, but I have already started to work on it.

I have also thought about redesigning my 'main' page so that the content on my site will be more directly accessible. (That shouldn't take too long to do..)

February 15, 2000
I found some bad links which I removed, but I also added a few mp3/audio-searchengines. You will find them on the search page...

February 02, 2000
I'm told that today is a special day... Apparently it is the first date for well over 1000 years with only even numbers in the date. (2000-02-02)
Last time this happened was something like 888-08-28... Amazing isn't it :)
2 new links (audio & computer/game companies) are all you get this time, except for the extraordinary fact above :)

January 22, 2000
Still can't remember the URL to my HP? How about www.danielsevo.com. Thanks to the the good people at NAMEzero I have the danielsevo.com domain redirected to my HP. The catch is that I get an extra frame at the bottom of the page, however that's nothing that an Open frame in new window -action won't take care of.

Since there are now at least 3 different possible URL for my site, I have updated the page that apparently no-one ever reads... The README! page, available at the top of the left frame. I listed all the possible URL that lead to my site and explained exactly what happenes when it's visited.... (I also re-wrote the better part of the text)
I also found on new link to add to the news section.

January 19, 2000
Today we witnessed a small step for a company a huge leap for microprocessor design... What I'm talking about?
Transmeta! After years of development, today, january 19:th 2000, Transmeta announced their revolutionary 'Crusoe' processor. You can read all about it on their web-site (www.transmeta.com) and that is also the link I'm adding today to the hardware section...

January 05, 2000
No this is not a 're-play', again 2 new links and one removed.. (Added to Hardware, removed from Software)

January 04, 2000
Er... 2 new links and one removed.. (News) The news-link page has been modified slightly.
Yesterday, during a couple of hours, my new 'date script' displayed the date incorrectly in Netscape. Apparently I wasn't the only one having this problem. Take a look at this list of sites that had date glitches on January 1:st! Some of them are big, well known sites!

January 03, 2000
Er... One new link..(services) I also fixed(??) the script that writes the 'year' in the left frame (below the date). Until now the year was 'hard-coded'.
You'll have wait about a year then sit there watching my site on New Years eve 2000 to see the benefit! :)

January 02, 2000
First of all: Happy New Millenium!

It's that time of the year again... The first site update of the year and a summary of the year that was. Just like in 1998, 1999 had 35 site-updates (1997 had 37)... Amazing how consistent I am, isn't it? :)
If 1998 was a bad year when it comes to updates in the gallery, then 1999 was a disaster. Unfortunately that is a consequence of my lack of time. I did manage a surprise last-minute-entry in December, but that was it actually...
Otherwise, the update frequency varied quite a bit... It was OK in some months, while other periods were disastrous. Like the huge gap between June 22:nd and August 25:th. Most updates were changes and additions to the portal.
Or as I like to refer to it: The Portal previously known as the link section :)

I'm not sure exactly how many people actually use it, because people tend to have their own bookmarks, but I still se a point of having such a portal online. First of all, I use it everyday! And secondly, it's nice to have it available online unlike the bookmarks one tends to have locally on his/her computer. My bookmarks at home will do me no good if I want to find a particular site while I'm visiting some event in another country or something like that...

If I was to guess what will happen on my site in 2000, I'd say it will probably be similar to 1999. Not to many new pics, updates of the portal and some kind of new resources. I know I promised to release a parody on 'Star Trek Voyager' but it's not quite ready yet. Unfortunately, time alone isn't enough in this case... What I need is a little inspiration!

All right then, don't want to make you fall asleep.. Have a nice new year and keep coming back for more!
The actual changes since the last update are the addition of some 30(!) new links in the portal.

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