(this page is basically a diary)



December 30, 2002
Alright, so here we are... We all knew this day would come. The last update of the year! :-)
It's now actually more than 6 years since I started to write these 'Latest updates'. A lot of stuff has happened since then and maybe some day, I'll look back at this and realize that I've actually been keeping a diary. (Even though it's my policy never to comment my personal life here other than those parts which are relevant for the topic of this site.)

Anyway, so apart from the usual news, anything else new around here? Well, I actually opened up an ancient project I started working on some 3 years ago. It's the mythical GAT project, the one that would put 'By The Water 2' to shame. (A picture in my Gallery) So, 3 years late, what's the status? Well, maybe it's just as well that it's been postponed. During the last year, significant advancements have been made in rendering technology. At least for the average user. There's a whole bunch of new 'Renderers' available for 3dsmax which make it a lot easier to achieve realistic output. Even the default 3dsmax5 has a quite decent renderer these days... Back in the days when I used Imagine on the Amiga, RayTracing was the only available rendering algorithm for realistic images... Oh well... As I said, a lot has happened since then.. So my point is, it whenever I finish it, it will look better than if I had done it, say 2 years ago...

OK, then... See you next year. Traditionally, in my first update of the year (usually January 1st), I review the year that was and talk about what to expect next...
Now, if you celebrate it: Happy New Year! (And if you don't... see you next week :-)

December 27, 2002
Ok, today I added a 2004 calendar. It may seem a bit early, but obviously, the 2002 cal will soon be removed. Otherwise, I hope you had a nice Xmas. Come by on Sunday/Monday for the last update of the year.

December 23, 2002
Ah, yes... My vacation combined with various holidays will keep me away from work for 2 weeks! :-)
We'll see what I will have time to do, probably not much if my vacation track-record is anything to go by. :-)

Sorry for the late update, but hey... Today, you get the usual news and not much else. But, there will be some updates between now and next weekend, I don't know yet how many though.. Stick around and find out.

December 16, 2002
Last week I mentioned I got my new phone. This week I activated some services to make it more useful. I can now send/receive e-mail and also access other Internet services through GPRS. What can I say about it? Well, it certainly feels primitive. Until the phones can have bigger displays or we use some kind of VR-goggles, the surfing experience is not going to be enjoyable.
Sure, it's cool to have the possibility to access Internet from basically any location, but as long as the surfing experience is about barely fitting a headline onto the screen, it remains to be seen how useful it's going to be.

However, being able to send and receive e-mail is pretty nice. Of course, you can forget about long e-mails with attachments an the like, that's something for 3G phones to worry about...

So, just one more week to go, then it's time for a little Xmas vacation. We'll see what the free time might turn into. As far as this week's news go, it's the usual weekend update with unusually large amount of news and maybe a couple of new links. (I forget :-)

December 9, 2002
Finally! At last I received my new mobile phone. Have I mentioned how frustrating it is to wait for stuff that never seems to show up? Anyway, it feels very much like a small plastic toy (Nokia 6610) and at 600 I expected a 'higher quality feel'. Well, what'd ya gonna do? :-) Things will get more interesting once I activate my GPRS services and also link the phone to my computer. I look forward to that...
What else? Well, not much actually, enjoy the usual weekend update and a couple of new links.

December 2, 2002
Well, there you go.. December is here. 3 weeks of hard work left, then it's time for a break. As always, I'll try to catch up on my huge pile of unfinished projects... Sigh...
Anyway... Enjoy the usual weekend update and some new links.

November 25, 2002
Ok, my upgraded computer has been running quite smoothly. I have to say that installing the ASUS board was rather painless. Everything worked just fine by default, more or less. I did have problems configuring the crude network between the new and old computer but I can share folders between the two now and even the Internet connection works on both.
(The new setup scored a pretty decent score (9251) in 3DMArk2001 SE, not bad considering I'm running a 1,2 GHz Athlon Thunderbird.) The ASUS nForce2 board will apparently support the upcoming Bartons with 512k L2 cache and 400MHz FSB. Might be a tempting upgrade for me in a couple of months.

Alright, so what's new in this update? Well, the news are there of course, and guess what? Nothing else! :-)

November 18, 2002
Well, what do you know... It seems last weeks lamentations had some positive effect. I finally received my ASUS board. At the time of writing, I haven't actually installed any OS on the computer yet, but the board booted just fine and I was able to get to the BIOS. (CPU/memory seems fine.) If all goes well, I should have everything up and running tomorrow.
This weeks update only contains the news and a minor update of the 'About me' page..

November 11, 2002
Aaargh! Damn! How stupid is that? Again, I forgot to change the date on last weeks main page. I mean, I update the damn page for 4 hours, and I forget to change the date so that visitors would think. 'Nah, still last weeks news'.

Anyway... Let me tell you a little story. Since April/May, my GeForce 4 Ti 4400 card, Athlon CPU, 333MHz DDR RAM have been collecting dust, just lying around.. Since then, I've been using an old Duron 750 CPU, an ancient 3DLabs GFX card and so forth. Why? Well, you see, I decided to buy a new motherboard, one based on the VIA KT400 chip-set. Then in June/july, nVidia revealed their nForce2 chip-set. So I decided to wait for that instead. I mean, what's another few weeks right?
Well, I STILL HAVEN'T GOT THE STUPID MOTHERBOARD! I'm waiting for the GOD DAMN Asus model, which they say is supposed to ship any day now.
But that's not all... Couple of months ago, my cell phone was stolen. So I browsed the Nokia website to see what nice models I could expect to find in the stores soon. The 6610 model was very nice looking and slated for a 3rd Quarter 2002 release. Well, guess what. The DAMN PHONE STILL ISN'T AVAILABLE.

So while my once expensive hardware is rotting away, I'm running around without a cell phone and trying not to be too frustrated.

So what can we learn from this? Well, my advice is: If you need something, DON'T WAIT for the UPCOMING, COOL stuff unless you are absolutely, positively certain about the shipping date. Believe me, it will save you the kind of frustration that isn't easily fixed with some saved bucks.
And, yes... There IS an update this week too. Return next week for more news, and hopefully, less swearing.

November 4, 2002
Alright, after the weekend Halloween partying, life returns to normal. Just 8 more weekend updates left this year.
This weeks update only contains the news, nothing more.

October 28, 2002
Damn, time isn't waiting for anyone, is it? Less than 2 months til Xmas, and then we're looking at 2003.
This update includes less than I planned, but the usual news and some link adjustments are there.

October 21, 2002
Well, here we go again.. News & link-updates. But thanks to 3rd Quarter financial results coming in and Microprocessor Forum 2002, there's lot's of news. And because one of my source-sites seems to be experience re.occuring downtime just at the time of my updates, I might add some more news later today.

October 14, 2002
My vacation is over, and yes, it was too short to do all the stuff I planned to do. In other words, just like any other vacation I've had these past few years.
I managed to do some work on my book, but it's still far from finished. It seems I'll just have to work on it after work.

Today's update won't surprise anyone. It's the news and some new additions to the link pages.

October 7, 2002
October already! Apparently, time moves forward much faster than we would like it to. :-)

With this in mind, and a couple of spare vacation days left, I decided to take this coming week off, and concentrate all my efforts on finishing my book. I figured, if I don't finish it soon, I may work on it for years to come. So my aim is to get a beta version ready. This beta version will then be sent to various carefully chosen beta testers. (By carefully chosen, I refer to people who I know will give me constructive feedback, not necessarily sharing my opinions.)

Now, this weekend updates looks like you'd expect it to, news and link changes.
Also, I'll let you know if I should happen to do some mid-week updates. As always, just check here to see what's happening.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot.. This week I registered another .com address. It's hardwareshader.com and probably only makes sense if you're a graphics programmer. There's no content there yet, and I'm not exactly when it'll be there. ;-)

September 30, 2002
News and a few new links.

September 23, 2002
The usual news & link-updates.

September 16, 2002
An eventful week for sure. This (past) Sunday concluded the general elections here in Sweden. The Social Democrats will continue to rule the galaxy for the next 4 years, though no thanx to me...
I also had my cell-phone stolen Saturday night while visiting a dark/smokey club, so I guess I'll have to buy a new one pretty soon... The loss of the phone itself doesn't bother me too much, because it was rather old, but loosing my phone-book, that hurts.. So, kids, let this be a lesson for us all.

So what else is new? Well, no major terrorist-attacks either. Though, who would be stupid enough to insist to stick to a certain date just for the sake of this tightly guarded anniversary. The threat is still out there, and I'm afraid we haven't seen the last of it yet.

Anyway, apart from the stuff mentioned above, this is pretty much your average Sunday update with the anticipated news and link adjustments.. (For those of you who know what I'm talking about, the DJ DES HOT-page has been updated)

September 9, 2002
Alright, back to normal, then... Nothing fancy, just the news and link-adjustments..

Btw, this week will mark one year after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on WTC. Last year, I had no updates that week, partly due to the fact that I was on vacation on GrandCanaria and partly due to the total lack of news about anything else but WTC. Let's hope nothing terrible happens this year.

September 2, 2002
Wow, I can't remember the last time I had 4 updates in one week. (I'm pretty sure it won't happen again anytime soon :-)
After a truly wonderful summer here in Sweden, it's time to accept it's over and September is a good reminder that the autumn season is here. It's getting darker and colder, so it's a little bit easier to sit in front of the computer instead of being outdoors. (Of course, in my case, outdoors means being in a dark club somewhere down-town :-)

So, after various mid-week updates, we are back to the normal weekend update. A bunch of news and some new links, of course... (I re-arranged the DivX links on the 'media' page, in case you don't find them.)

August 29, 2002
I can hardly believe it myself, I'm already on my third update this week! :-)
It's not a new pic this time however... I updated the PC buyers guide. most notably, I replaced the 'motherboard' section with new graphics. I also went on and rewrote parts of the other sections.

August 28, 2002
Deja vu?
I sneaked in another test-render today. You can find it in the test-render area in the gallery.

August 27, 2002
I sneaked in another test-render today. You can find it in the test-render area in the gallery.
Since I was updating anyway, I changed some links on the software & news pages...

August 26, 2002
This week, I've been playing around some more with various test-renders. I decided to add another page to my gallery, called 'Test-renders'. Here, I'll be posting some test stuff from time to time...

Otherwise, the update includes the expected stuff, although the news page weighs in at a extra-heavy 39 news items this week. And yes, there are some minor link adjustments throughout the link pages.

Maybe it's me, but the last weeks have been extra-heavy on the news. This has increased the updating time of this site to several hours.. I hope it's worth it...

August 19, 2002
After the shocking mid-week update, things are back to normal.. :-)
Nothing grand this time, just the news and a link-pages overhaul. But don't kid yourself... It still takes 2-3 hours to make an update with this many news.
I'm not promising anything, but I'm playing around with GI and Radiosity and who knows, another pic might show up here some day. (No, not another Godzilla pic :-)

August 15, 2002
Bet you didn't expect an update today, eh? :-)
As it seems ASUS are unable to deliver the *Stu!*?%&pid A7N8x board anytime soon, I see no choice but to start doing some real work on my slow secondary computer...
Said & done. I added another WIP image of my Godzilla 3D model after playing around a bit with a new GI renderer. (GI stands for Global Illumination and it is a different way to light a scene in 3D programs. It simulates daylight better than most other algorithms.)
You can find the new pic in the Gallery/ZillaWIP.

August 12, 2002
Let's see... Yup. The usual weekend stuff...
Again, quite a lot of news, which is bad for my 'site-update-time', and to be honest it's mostly moderately exciting stuff.
Anyway, I sure hope ASUS will release their A7N8x mainboard soon. I have some ideas in my head that I'd like to work with, but my primary computer is still off-line, lacking a mainboard.

It's rather typical that this rare burst of inspiration would manifest itself at a time when I can't really use it to it's full potential. :-)

August 5, 2002
Becoming the rule rather than the exception I'm afraid... Yet another very late update.
Anyway... It's here, and it's a bunch of news, no link changes this time...

July 29, 2002
Again, a somewhat late update, and again, lot's of news.
And yes, the usual tweaks and updates throughout the link-pages and the rest of the site.

Btw, this week will see the end of my short 7+4 day(s) vacation. I actually made some significant progress on my upcoming book. It's not exactly a 'Stephen King-sized' type of book, but the reason it takes so long is that it's so damn tedious to get it into 'readable form'. :-)
Still, I hope to have a 'beta-version' ready in a not too distant future. (How about that for an exact release date :-)

July 22, 2002
A very late update, but here it is.
Lot's of news this time, with many big companies presenting their quarterly results.. As expected, some changes in the links section and a minor update of the 'History of...' pages.

July 14, 2002
When will I learn not to tell what might come soon? :-)
There was no interim update even though I did some work on the promised astronomy pages. Just didn't finish it.. How about I just tell you after I'm done with it? :-)

Anyway, the news are here, and I removed a number of links that didn't seem to work anymore (or the sites haven't been updated for a very long time).

July 8, 2002
Late Sunday update with the news, but no changes in the links section. On the other hand, there might be another update very soon. (Tomorrow perhaps) I will be updating my astronomy pages so that they contain more user-friendly info.

July 1, 2002
Ah, yes.. Entering the second half of the year...
The World Cup has now come to an end.. Brazil are the Champions of the World. Not entirely unexpected and not unfair in any way. Overall, Brazil played the best football (soccer).
Now it will be at least 2 years until something equally interesting happens in the world of soccer, so let's put it aside for now and move on...

This week's update was even later than usual, dropping in around mid-Monday. Anyway, there's plenty of news this time, so apparently the tech biz is not slowing down yet.

Btw, I'm still using my secondary computer, so I have not been working on any of my 3D projects. I noticed however that mobo maker ASUS has announced the motherboard that I intend to buy. But it will be another month or so before it actually ships.

June 24, 2002
And so ends England's adventure in the World Cup. After loosing 1-2 to Brazil, it's time to pack the bags and go home. So far, it's really been the World Cup of surprises. How many would have guessed that Turkey & South Korea were going to play in the semi-finals?

Anyway... Now that England are out, my interest in the WC has diminished somewhat..So let's take a look at this weeks site updates.
You've got the news of course. And yes, there are some changes in the links section.

Now, enjoy this weeks Semi Finals in the WC, and by this time next week, the final will have been played, also. Brazil, anyone? Also this week, my mother turns 60, so Happy Birthay to her.

June 17, 2002
In the World Cup, for the first time since 1990, England has reached the quarter final. It looks like they are going to play Brazil in the semi-finals. Sweden lacking the decisive luck, were eliminated by Senegal in the round of 16.

This site received a thorough link overhaul last week, so not much new there for this week. The news are there, though.. Just as you would expect.

Now, enjoy the Quarter Finals in the World Cup, and welcome back next week. May the force be with England.

June 9, 2002
Ah yes.. What a fine week this was. In the World Cup, England finally managed to beat their arch rivals, Argentina. Sweden also got 3 point with their win against Nigeria. This coming week will be equally exciting with lot's of decisive matches coming up.

So... Anyway, about this weeks update. Yes, it's the news and some minor changes in the link pages (Although I spent quite some time validating all the links).

Now, enjoy the World Cup, and welcome back next week.

June 3, 2002
Somewhat late update (again). This time it's because I worked late yesterday (Sunday) and had to wait til today to do the actual update. It's what you'd expect, anyway..
Apart from work, it's safe to say that the week will be dominated by the 'World Cup'. Visit this website for all the latest news.
May the ball be with you...

May 27, 2002
Ladies & Gentlemen, the WORLD CUP in soccer is finally here. I don't care what americans might think of their SuperBowl, this is THE sporting event of any year. Football (or 'soccer' to you americans) is the greatest sport in the world.
It's easy to understand, it's easy to play, it doesn't favor any particular type of people (i.e. tall, short, muscular etc.), it's cheap to get started (since it can be played practically anywhere) it's fun and it's a beautiful game.
Like in all other sporting events where nations compete against each other, football is a political game. Maybe even more so than any other sport. It can really unite nations and throughout history, football has both started and stopped wars.
You may have noticed that I am a fan of English football. I'm not english, in fact, I've not even been to England, yet I truly support this team with all my heart. How can this be? Well, for me, it's not about politics, it's all about the game. I love the game, and for as long as I can remember, at least since the early 80's when I became a Liverpool FC fan, English players have influenced my life. So either I'm unique, or other people too, can forget about politics for a while and watch football for their love of the game.

Alright, that was my little, low budget, inspirational talk, now let's also mention this weeks little update. My web host's FTP servers were down from Thursday til Monday morning. So I uploaded this update when I came back from work... Anyway, no real surprises, the expected news and some minor changes in the links area.

See you at the pitch!?

May 20, 2002
Updating from home again. I built a 'Secondary computer' from various parts I had lying around (And some stuff from my 'Primary computer'). I'll have to buy a new mainboard & new memory to get my primary computer back online... Sigh.... I'll probably do that soon, but I'd like to wait and see what compatibility issues AMD's 'Thoroughbred' Athlon might drag along... According to some rumors, it should be released around June 10:th...

Anyway, I saw Star Wars: Episode II this weekend, and I must say that I was amazed! Before seeing it, I had read about the bad reviews it had been getting in the US, but frankly, I didn't take too much notice. Visually, this is the most amazing movie ever created and I have not been this amazed since I saw Terminator 2 or Jurassic Park for the first time.
The amount of time and effort it took to create it is mind-boggling. They will probably -somehow- top this with Episode III in 2005, but until then... Let's see what Lord Of The Rings 2 & 3 or Terminator 3 have to offer...

So back now to the good, old, boring reality :-)
The update this week actually covers a bit more than just the news and the links... I also updated the History of computer graphics, (Guess why :-) the PC buyers guide (with almost a complete re-write of section 3 with CPU & GFX card info), and even the about me -pages.

May 13, 2002
Well, what can I say... I hate my computer, and it hates me...
After some minor hardware re-configurations (to improve stability, because it keeps crashing on me) the OS wouldn't boot at all anymore... I'm building a second computer from my spare parts, but this breakdown kind of caught me in the middle of it all...

So, todays update is not made from the (dis-)comfort of my own home, but rather from work. ANyway, I'm committed enough to not let this hardware crap come in the way of my updates... Otherwise, the update is the same as usual, though a bit rushed. Hopefully, by this time next week, I'll be updating from home.

May 6, 2002
Another weekend, another update. Stay a while, stay forever, muahahahaha!
(Ok, that was a spontaneous remake of the classic sample from the game 'Impossible Mission' :-)

What we have here today, is the same old weekend update, and maybe, some link changes..Enjoy..

April 29, 2002
Alright, welcome back... A bunch of new links in the hardware & media sections, otherwise it's just a humble update with the expected news..
...and how about this week's 'quote of the week', huh? :-)

April 22, 2002
So, that was it then.. My 1 week vacation comes to an end. I'm not going to complain too much though, I actually managed to get some things done.. I made some important progress on my book and I also worked on my Kalashnikov 3d model. It's very detailed and it's most likely going to kick all the other AK model's ass. :-)
Check out this work in progress in the gallery and judge for yourself.

So, apart from this rare addition to my gallery, it's the ordinary Sunday update with news, links and other minor tweaks. There are 37 news-items this week, largely accredited to the flood of Quarterly reports that came in this week. (You may recall that I mentioned these some 3 weeks ago.)

April 15, 2002
Welcome to the twentieth update of the year. Yup, I'm still counting :-)
As I mentioned earlier, the coming week, I'll try to enjoy a short vacation.

This update is late again, though as I usually say, it's still Sunday in the western parts of the world. It is the same stuff that you expect, except maybe for the unusually large amount of CHIP-news. Yes, there are some changes in the links sections too. As I told you... Routine...

April 8, 2002
Alright, so it's April.. In just a few months it will be summer and after that it will be Christmas. That's how it feels anyway... It's no different than the previous thousands of years I guess, but somehow, it always amazes my.. Year in, year out..
After this week, I will take a week off, just to 'catch my breath'. A little 'spring vacation', if you like.. I don't have any specific plans yet, but I wont be travelling anywhere. That much is certain..

Now for todays update.. No surprises really, except that it was very late and there were no quarterly reports as I thought last week. But sooner or later they will show up.. Anyhow, the same old news updates (albeit, a little slow on the news side) and the mandatory overhaul of my link-pages..

March 31, 2002
Ah yes, finally we switch to summer-time and can enjoy the 'longer' days. Also, today happens to be the last day of 1Q 2002 (First Quarter 2002). This means that next week's news will be flooded with quarterly reports from companies all over the world.
Anyway, I'm rather busy at the moment, so after this early Sunday update I'm off to work, just like yesterday and tomorrow. Easter holidays? What Easter holidays? Well, you get the picture...

The update was the usual news and some interesting new links.. (No surprise there, huh?)

March 28, 2002
I removed at least 10 links today. Mostly from the 'Internet Resources' page. In that particular market niche, there are a lot of startups that just disappear after an optimistic start or they are acquired by another company. Note that the link on the main page to the free SMS service 'MTN' is gone. The company is history.
If you find dead links, please report them. (Just send an e-mail to me.)

March 25, 2002
I spent the whole Sunday re-installing my system. I threw out some of my older HDs and now I only use 2. So apart from being extremely boring, a re-install always feels fresh in a way. New & re-formated hard-drives, and the OS hasn't been cluttered down with 100s of progs yet.. :-)
Otherwise, the expected late Sunday update and one or two new links.

And... I modified my about me page, with -would you believe it- new pictures of me! :-) The text that used to be underneath the old pics was in fact the same text I had on my very first HomePage, back in 1995. So now it's gone. May it rest in peace.. :-)

March 20, 2002
All right then... Today I received my new hardware. It wasn't cheap, but it should last a while anyway. I bought a GeForce 4 Ti 4400 and a 40GB Samsung HD. Why Samsung? Well, my own experience tells me that they make very reliable HardDrives. Not the fastest perhaps, but very reliable. Time will tell if this is still true. (My second option would have been IBM) (I have experienced HD crashes with Quantum, Western Digital and Seagate drives).
I updated the about me page, to reflect the changes in my hardware set-up.

March 18, 2002
The usually late Sunday update and as far as i can remember, no new links. However, I did update one of my astronomy pages with the addition of a free download. (Very simple 3dsmax4 scene of the Solar System. :-)

Btw, you may be aware of the fact that Microsoft's Xbox console was launched in Europe this past week. The launch wasn't really hyped and with the console noticeably more expensive than in US or Japan, it remains to be seen how well it does.
A friend of mine, actually went out and bought one with 3 games, 2 controllers and one remote control for DVD. It set him back for some 6000 SEK, about 645 or $570. I had the chance to play Halo, Dead or Alive 3 and Rallisports Challange. Perhaps the top 3 games available at the moment. It was nice gaming, but hardly a 'quantum leap' over PS2 games. In May, Nintendo's GameCube will be launched which may heat up the race. Obviously, the PS2 was the only option for the all-important Xmas period.

Anyway, I decided it was time to beef up my computer so it would stand a chance against the new consoles. So I've ordered some new hardware.. I should get it this week, and when I do, here's the place to find out. :-) Cya around!

March 11, 2002
Late Sunday update and -actually- a couple of new links...

March 4, 2002
Ouch! What do you know... March already. I know it's rather silent here apart from the 'still-going-strong' weekend updates.
I've been trying to write (my notorious book) and do some 3D stuff, but I think I've been playing a little bit too much Counter Strike in my spare time. It's a trend I need to change... :-)
Anyway... The usual news, but no new links this time...

February 24, 2002
Here we go again... The expected weekend update, for your enjoyment. (With lot's of news, too...)
Also added 2 'Counter Strike' related links to the game-links page...

February 23, 2002
Updated the HOT-list... You can find it on the 'media-links' page. (Bottom, right)
Come back tomorrow for the weekend update... (It WILL be up Sunday evening)

February 18, 2002
Lol! I didn't notice until yesterday that the date on my front page was wrong all week (news-page). Anyway, no one seemed to notice/bother.. :-)
Otherwise, like last week, the expected Sunday night update & only minor link changes.

February 11, 2002
The expected (late) Sunday update & only minor link changes.

February 4, 2002
I may have mentioned a while ago, that I would aim for a release of my book on 2002.02.02 simply because it was a cool date, but obviously that didn't happen. I do not dare to mention another date for it's release. Or to use a popular saying from the computer game industry... 'When it's done'.

The news are 'same old, same old' and this time, NOT in short supply. Regarding the link-updates, I added a new category to 'Media'-links, called 'Composers'. There, you'll find references to the great musical composers of today. (John Williams & others). Two other links were added. ('Internet' & 'Other')

January 27, 2002
Ah yes, back to my 'state of no spare time'. Anyway.. Todays update is pretty much what you'd expect, and of course the mandatory link changes. (Actually, this time I removed more links than I added)
This weekend I also bought an inkjet printer. I thought it could come in handy with my writing and all... I chose the relatively cheap HP Deskjet 920c. But the output quality of images printed on photo-paper is actually quite amazing.

Ok, kids... Don't forget to pay special attention next Saturday which happens to be a rather special date, 02.02.02 :-)

January 20, 2002
This past week, I returned to work after my lengthy vacation. I suppose this means updates are likely to return to a 'weekend only' cycle...
This week, there were plenty of news to write about.. Many companies were reporting their 4:th Quarter results. If there was one trend to be seen, I'd say it was a rather positive one. Tech business is starting to recover after 3Q which was disastrous in many aspects. Anyway, there are some 36 news-items for you to check out, but no new links this time.

January 14, 2002
The weekend update returns to it's normal dose of news. An unusually large amount of science news this week. Most probable explanation is that scientist for some reason chose to present their findings at this time.
Anyway, as usual, a couple of new links were added (Games, Other) and I removed the 2001 calendar. Hopefully that won't be a problem for anyone..

This weeks marks the end of my vacation (on the 16:th) and just as i feared, I didn't get much done during this free time. I'm still writing on my book though, and I have done some progress so there's still hope :-)

January 9, 2002
A new Zilla WIP, although, some might think it's a step back from what they've seen before. :-)
Anyway... also added some new links..(News, Shopping, Software) Yep, it's a big Internet out there, kids.. :-)
Come back for the Weekend update, I can already tell it's gonna be a pretty good news week.

January 6, 2002
With the holidays finally over, our daily lives return to normal... Now, the beginning of the week was practically news-less with all of the focus on the launch of the Euro. So the news of the past week you'll find here is basically stuff that happened the last 4-5 days, not 7.
Anyway... after this weekend update, things should get back to normal. Oh yeah, I threw in a couple of new links as well. (2 in Media & 3 in Software)
Btw, for some reason I added a 2003 calendar. How about that? I will remove the 2001 cal in a while, but 2003 already? Yup. Couldn't wait...

January 1, 2002
Wow, 2002 already... Well, I'm not wasting any time with the first update of the year, which traditionally describes the year that was and what may come ahead. Sort of a summary of the past year, if you like.

Let's start as usual, with site updates. During 2001, this site was updated no less than 73 times. That is exactly 1 update every 5 days. (365/73=5)

Politically, 2001 was a very turbulent year, but my site was surprisingly unaltered. At the beginning of the year I added my 'Astronomy pages' and fixed my calendar so that it was possible to click on holidays and get at pop-up window that explained why that day is a holiday.
I also made the firm transition to www.danielsevo.com rather than using the hem.passagen.se/des URL, because I payed for the domain and could get rid of those annoying banners.

On June 11:th I finally received my cable modem and the old days of 33.6/56kbit dial-up modems were over, at last! At that time I changed my good old passagen e-mail that I'd had for 5 years. As a matter of fact, that old e-mail still works, but it's now being forwarded to my current e-mail address.
Sometimes in July my 'months of hell' started when my computer at home just wouldn't cooperate with me. Several hardware updates and about some 20 system re-installations later, it started working just fine :-)
In August I began work on my Godzilla(TM) project, despite being painfully aware of the pile of yet unfinished projects I still had on my 'to do' -list. Godzilla later appeared on a 'Work In Progress' -page, which also happened to be the only artistic contribution to my gallery during the whole year.

We all remember the terrible events that occurred on September 11:th, but since I was having my vacation at that point I spent my time on writing on that damn book I mention once in a while. Actually those terrorist events and the possibility of a religious war convinced me beyond doubt, that I must finish my book. Soon!

The year ended with me celebrating a 5 year anniversary of the first recorded update of this site. I also beefed up my computer a little and finally joined the 'GHz club' with the purchase of a 1,2GHz Athlon CPU.
Btw, the Frontier Fan Site celebrated it's 1 year anniversary on December 31:st :-) About a 1000 hits/people on the Fan-site were recorded during this year.

All right then, I'd say that's about it for 2001.
As for 2002, it's better not to make any promises, but my priorities lie with the book I'm writing, still, there will be more Godzilla pics, and who knows, maybe some other cool stuff. When there's something to see, here's the place to find out..
Today I actually added my ancient ICQ uin to the about me page.

Now, as always, I'd like to say to all my visitors: 'Thank you for visiting and welcome back'.

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