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September 20, 2007
Just a quickie. In the previous update I disabled the link to my website www.hardwareshader.com because the hosting site disappeared. Anyway, it's back online now (Although it usually takes NameZero a few hours to fix URL forwarding from the domain). I also added a quick-link to my favorite internet radio site, Digitally Imported.

September 11, 2007
As you can see, the updates have nearly stopped. The site isn't dead, but I simply do not sit with this stuff like I used to. The reason I update today, on September 11:th however, is purely coincidental.
I usually don't write too much personal stuff here but I might mention that since the last update I have moved to a new apartment in central Gothenburg. After 12 years in my old "cave" it was time to find something fancier. I live here now with my girlfriend (there's the explanation for the absence of updates ;-). However, in the process I lost my fancy 100/100Mbit Optic Fibre connection, so now I'm back on a crappy 24/1 Cable Modem.
Anyway, in July/August me and my misses traveled to southern Europe during our much needed vacation. Equipped with 2 IXUS cameras we took over 1500 photographs which made me think whether I should post some of them on a public gallery (like Google Album or something). We'll see about that.
So what else is new? Well, no huge changes in my hardware config either. Yesterday AMD finally released their new QuadCore "Barcelona" Opteron CPU. The desktop version will follow before the end of the year. So this CPU is what I will base my next upgrade on. The most likely date for my next major upgrade is sometimes early next year depending on what products are available and so forth.
And finally, I actually updated some stuff here on the site too. It's mostly link-updates and some other stuff no one cares about anyway :-).
Until next time...

May 5, 2007
Wow, 2 months since I posted any updates. It's the 5th day of the 5th month and this happens to be the 555:th update on these, well, "blog" pages ( I still hate the word "blog" but I've now realized it's not going to go away any time soon. :-)
So what's the update then? Well, I added a bunch of new links and updated some info on the "about me" pages. Until next time...

March 4, 2007
Well, it's been obvious for a while that my Tech Updates just weren't reliable anymore. Until I say otherwise, there won't be any new weekly technology news updates.
In order to avoid confusion, I changed the layout of the front page slightly (Removed, news added some junk to fill out the page ;-)

January 24, 2007
Ok, ok.. So these weekend updates aren't working anymore. That's pretty obvious by now. I'm not sure where to go from now, but I guess I'll do an update and leave it at that.
In somewhat related news, I can mention that from now on I have a 100Mbit (up & down) Optic Fibre connection at home. No more slow cable or DSL modems. Optical fibre is the real thing. I did some testing and while it's not easy to stress-test a 100Mbit connection because of the poor infrastructure of the Internet, i did notice actual speeds over 40MBit/s and that was just from 2 download threads.
I also tried to do some link-cleaning since I haven't touched them in a while. (Also added some new ones.)
Anyway, I can't say when the next update will be, well just have to wait and see (not that many ppl are actually waiting for it ;-)

January 1, 2007
Another New Year. When I was a kid in the early 80's the year 2000 sounded so futuristic and far off. Surely there would be flying cars and such. Well it´s 2007 now, and things haven't changed all that much in that particular respect. The cars are a little better now but the basic principles are the same in almost every respect. Other things however, have gone in a direction that wasn't exactly predicted. The amount of personal technology, networked computing etc. The exchange of information has probably developed far more than anyone anticipated some 25 years ago.
And here we are, 2007. Time flies, we've all felt that from every once in a while. Another indication though is that my home page, the one you´re visiting right now, has turned 10 years - a full decade.
There are many ways to analyse a year, but in many ways 2006 was a fairly good year. I got a new job and found new love ;-)

The big thing of 2005 for me was the release of my book. Now it's been out for a full year and that promotional effort I mentioned in last year's blog, is still on the to-do list.
As far as this web-site is concerned I have maintained a fairly stable amount of yearly releases but this year got a dip in that respect. I only posted 45 updates which is obviously less than 1 / week. The math tells us that I missed a bunch of weekend Tech News updates. I have a few excuses but they won't change the fact that those updates didn't turn up. I might still add them later but that will be of academic importance.

Let me just summarize 2006 very briefly from my point of view as far as big events are concerned.
In the world of space exploration, NASA managed to add another successful mission to their Mars mission tally. In world of sports, the World Cup in football (soccer - hey Yanks, your "football" is mostly played with hands :-) dominated the news headlines in July. England didn't do all that bad, but as usual they lost on penalties. :-(
At the end of July AMD stunned the tech biz by announcing the acquisition of graphics chip maker ATI. This was a big deal and it will change the CPU / GPU biz forever.
In august I spent 1 week on Mallorca with my girlfriend. The vacation was a bit longer, but the rest was spent here at home, in Sweden.
Then at the end of the year some noteworthy events include Microsoft´s release of the very late and long awaited "Windows Vista". (Although the release was just companies, Joe Average still has to wait for the official public release). Speaking of late and long awaited, Sony finally managed to release its Playstation 3. Nintendo followed with the release of their own next-gen console, the "Wii".
I will write more about these consoles in my "Computer graphics" -section later. Let me also mention that in October I passed the "1 Terabyte" storage barrier (well it's not really a barrier ,-)
Anyhow... That´s about as much as I care to mention at this point. Now the rest of the year awaits us. The Tech Update that should have come yesterday will turn up... eventually...

Now, as always, I'd like to say to all my visitors: "Thank you for visiting and welcome back".

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