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January 31, 2010
Today I updated a bunch of the link pages. (Yea, I know I'm the only one who's using them). Anyway, links don't age well and a whole bunch of links were removed (some added). I'm not entirely done with the overhaul yet, but I'm getting there.
Also, as you can see from the tweets, there was a Gallery update earlier today. It's been a bit slow in that department lately, but be assured, there's plenty more to come.

January 1, 2010
Ok then: 2010 is here. Doesn't is sound cool? Very "future" -sounding isn't it? ;-)
Have you ever seen the movie "2010" (The 1984 sequel to "2001: A space Odyssey"). When they made that movie, they were guessing what the future will be like in 26 years. If you've seen it you'll know that the future in the movie doesn't match our "real-life" -version very well. (If you haven't seen it, click here for a quick summary) They didn't predict the downfall of the Soviet Union even though that happened only some 7 years later. And they greatly exaggerated the kind of spaceships that would be available to humans in 2010. Also, technology-wise, some things were a little too good (the human-computer(HAL) vocal interaction) to be true and some were just too crude and primitive (remember his "lap-top" etc..?).
Ok, so they got things wrong, big deal.. What's my point?
Well... My point is, when I first saw that movie as a kid in the mid 80s it all seemed fairly believable. Yet, now here we are. The calendar reads 2010 and now I all I can think of when I see that movie is the stuff they got wrong and how dorky all the tech stuff looks. So, is there really any point in trying to predict the future? Technological advancements come in leaps, it's not a linear development. Moore's law does apply to some things but to other it's just useless. And what are these predictions for? We cant rely on them, the only thing they can do is to tickle our imagination.
Considering this, I should refrain from making any predictions for this new decade that has just begun. Sounds logical right?
Yes, logical... But then again. It's also very boring to play it safe ;-)
To tell you the truth, I love speculating about the future. :-) So here's my 2 and a half cents about the new decade:

  • First of all, I think it's safe to say that the hoverboards and flying cars seen in "Back to the future, Part 2" are more than just 5 years away ;-) (Oh yes, that movie takes place in 2015 ;-)
  • The movie Avatar will get at least one sequel and it will be spectacular... Again ;-)
  • Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will release new generation of consoles but physical distribution will die out. Content will be distributed primarily as downloads.
  • The next generation of consoles just might be the last generation that will use "local computing power". The generation after that might be just a low cost "client" connected to a super cloud. All computations will be made "off-client" (a remote supercomputer/cloud makes all computations then sends them to the client which only receives the output (video, audio, vibrations etc)), all software will be "pay per use".
  • Microsoft's "Natal" technology will start a new era of physical interaction gaming. Sony will have a competing technology (Further developments of PS Eye and the new upcoming motion sensor). Nintendo, obviously started some of this with the old Wii.
  • Someone figures out that mixing "Natal" technology with augmented reality and a location aware mobile device connected to a powerful Cloud through 4G and virtual display goggles is a very potent combo indeed. Suddenly you'll be walking in a city with your own interactive virtual guide walking right beside you, looking at you and answering your questions about the city. And when you come home, your "Natal" yoga instructor will tell you if your moves are right or not. And while you do this, your "Natal" babysitter will keep your kids busy.
  • By 2020, mobile devices will be as powerful as today's most powerful desktop PC's, including graphical capabilities. Displays will to some extent be replaced by "projected display goggles". The goggles will provide super high res video and virtual surround stereo to users. Mobile devices will be a highly capable gaming platform. Once 4G networks are fully built and enhanced, cloud computer gaming will reach mobile devices. Allowing users to play games far more complicated than the mobile device's actual hardware could cope with.
  • Storing files "off-client" (on the net or in the cloud) will become the most common way to store files. People will finally realize that they will always suck at making back-ups and the will finally get over the fact that they have no privacy anyway.
  • Apple will become a powerful company as a result of the success with everything that shines and has an Apple logo on it but to become the clear king of the hill of next-gen mobile devices will take some effort and competitors will not be caught sleeping this time like when Apple released the first iPhone.
  • The programmable graphics cards war/hysteria will get out of hand and end with a monster creation that will put the Voodoo 6 6000 board to shame ;-) At that point, AMD, nVidia and Intel will all simultaneously realize no one plays games on Windows desktops anymore ;-)
  • Facebook will be replaced by a community site that exactly the same minus some annoying facebook-only features ;-)
  • Twitter will be replaced by Quitter. It will allow you to post 150 char messages. And if you suddenly get tired of using it and quit. Hey that's fine. It's in the name ;-)
  • Duke Nukem Forever will be released exclusively on the Next Gen Amiga. ;-)
Ok, that was that about technological predictions and other stupidity. Here's a short re-cap of my 2009.
It started off with a big bang and as a consequence of the financial crisis that started in 2008, I saw lots of my work colleagues "disappear". Say good bye to co-workers, say hello to outsourcing ;-)
There was another "bang" in my personal life involving a separation from my now former GF and moving into a new apartment and then meeting a new GF.
The summer vacation was a last-minute spontaneous trip to Greece. After the summer vacation everything just rolled on at the speed of light and now here we are... "What the hell happened?"
My ever-evolving computer gear always gets a few lines here, but tbh, I don't think I bought a single piece of computer equipment during 2009. My tech stuff came in other shapes. Granted, I threw out 32-bit Win XP and replaced ith with 64-bit Win7 which did feel like buying a new computer but basically that was it. My camera gear got expanded by some shiny new stuff and in all honesty, there's been quite a lot of pix added to my Photo Gallery (over 250 pix in there at the time of writing).
Then in the first days of June I bought a new cell-phone. After deciding I didn't wanna be like everyone else and buy an iPhone I chose an Android device instead. I have to say, while the phone ( a HTC Magic) is by no means perfect, it has really changed the way I use a phone. Before Android & touch screen I rarely used my phone for anything more advanced than MMS and the occasional "mail-checking". With the Android powered HTC Magic I feel like I'm carrying a small computer in my pocket. And that's just the way I like it.
All right then, that kind of concludes this yearly rant about unimportant stuff ;-) Well, this years blog (oh shit, there I said it) is a bit longer considering the rare turn of the decade. Remember folks, even though there is no upper limit on how often shit can happen, there is still always room for hope!

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